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WhatsApp has become a fairly common platform and therefore it is necessary to know how to Tell If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp.

Why is it that they can block you in WhatsApp?

  Sometimes that is a cause for concern when we do not know where the problem comes from or if we simply do not have problems with anyone, however, it is necessary to know how to Tell If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp, this is because sometimes some contacts can, wanting not to know anything about you and therefore they will seek to block you, only that until now you do not know, but that will be a matter of the past because here we will offer you the necessary information so that you can find out who has done it to you.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp?

  Fortunately, there are signs where it is possible to know if you have been blocked and this implies:

  • You won't see the contact photo or bio.
  • You can not see when this contact has been connected for the last time or in its default the chat window.
  • Another option to know How to Tell If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp implies that any message sent will only be shown as a second checkmark.
  • When trying calls these will not be able to be made, even when it shows "Calling" and it rings, it simply will not connect.


Obviously, the most ideal of a block is for reasons that are usually obvious, where there is some kind of conduct or persuasion, or because maybe you are not interested in keeping in touch.

 Knowing How to Tell If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp is possible by sending a message and waiting to see if it can arrive, however, it is possible to apply another simple and direct way without having to wait a long time.

 If you are in a group and the person you think has blocked you is right there, you should send a message and check if it has been received, it is possible to see the received marks even when you are blocked, on the other hand , in case you are not in a common group, know Now that you know how to know if someone blocked you in WhatsApp, it's time to check your contact list and that's it. implies taking care of creating a new group, here you will see that you receive a message indicating "Could not add", this makes it clear that you are blocked, in this case it will be more favorable to leave them and continue, rummaging around can only cause some problems and inconveniences that it will be better to avoid.

 What does it look like when you block someone in WhatsApp?


  •  It is not possible to see the last time this contact was online.
  • Calls and status updates that have been sent do not usually appear.
  • Unable to view profile picture.


 Note: being in the same group where a user who has blocked you is, allows you to write and receive messages, but only within the group, outside of it, nothing.

Now that you know how to Tell If Someone Blocked You On WhatsApp, it's time to check your contact list and that's it.

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