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Angel Marquez
2021-03-17 15:45:50

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With our WhatsApp guide you will learn more about How to fix voice messages not working, let's see.

What are WhatsApp voice messages?

 It is one of the information transmission options, a sound message being sent, with which we can save time and with great ease when doing so, it is something that is always accessible and still sent once can only be consulted that at some point it may not be so due to the elimination of it by the sender or recipient, certainly the advantages are important, but something that does not work with this modality is the search for voice messages, it is appropriate to consider knowing How to fix voice messages not working and that is what we will see from now on.

Why is Voice Messages not working on WhatsApp?

 This occurs for different situations, at some point it is not possible to record these messages, due to downloading or playback it is not possible, even there is no sound output, then it is necessary to do different tests to find the problem, being the most It is important that there is internet in our device, because this can be an obstacle in different ways for the correct operation of sending and downloading voice messages, when reproducing the voice the sensor must be discovered when recording the message, so there is a lot to consider and from now on we will talk about How to fix voice messages not working, let's follow the following content closely.
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How to fix voice messages not working on WhatsApp?

Phone volume: when we are doing a voice message playback, and we do not hear anything, it is possible that our device has a very low volume and even muted, then we must make the necessary correction to solve How to fix voice messages do not work, If we are using headphones, it may be that we have muted without realizing it, it must be verified for the optimal operation of WhatsApp.

 Force closing the application: at some point it may happen that WhatsApp does not respond, then the functions cannot be executed, to solve it you just have to force the closing of the application to make them work again, while being on iOS, We only close normally and open again, it is important that in Android we force the stop of the application, then we click OK to the confirmation message and open it again, which solves the How to fix voice messages do not work.

 Delete the cache on Android: temporary information is constantly stored on our device, certainly the function of cache files is to improve the operation of the application with better speed, but at some point it can lead to an error, which happens when these are corrupted cache files, then to solve How to fix voice messages do not work what we will do is delete the application cache and try again to see if the error disappeared or not.

 Checking the permissions: it is important that we have the permissions that are required when sending voice messages on our device through WhatsApp, taking into account that otherwise we will lose the right to some functions that include the sending voice messages, then you have to do a series of steps to check the permissions and these are the following:

 On Android:

  •  Click on the application icon and click on the information icon
  • We choose permission
  • In storage and microphone
  • Both should indicate allowed as configuration


On iOS:

  •  Enter the settings menu, go to the location of the application
  • Have microphone access enabled
  • We went back to check if the sending of voice messages can work correctly.

Storage: our device will save the voice messages we receive, this automatically, it is important that we have enough space for this to be saved without problems, if we have little space it will not load or play the messages the application, then as for how to fix voice messages do not work for this case is that we delete the unnecessary files that are temporary on our device, having for now the space that allows the optimal functioning of the application.

 Close the other applications: one of the reasons why WhatsApp may be failing is because the microphone may be working with another application, so closing these is necessary to find the solution to sending voice messages again.

 The server: at some point it may be that the application servers stop working without notifying us, which may be the reason for the failure, indicating the voice message that the download has failed, then the servers will be down, to resolve How to fix voice messages do not work, we just have to check the status of the server, for this we will rely on a tool such as DownDetector, if there is a problem we must wait for it to be resolved.

 Restarting the phone:
in case the WhatsApp servers are working correctly, what we will do is a restart of our device, which can allow us to solve the failures that have to do with voice messages.

 The update: it is important that in terms of How to fix voice messages that do not work, we always keep the most recent version of the application on our phone, because as the updates come out, the errors that may cause some malfunctions will be corrected, among others. which include voice messages.

 Reinstallation: taking into account that we have updated the application and it still does not reproduce the voice messages, send or download, what we will do is delete the application from our device and reinstall WhatsApp from scratch, only that it is appropriate that before eliminating the application let's make a backup copy to recover the data once we have installed it again.

 We hope that the detailed information here on How to fix voice messages not working, has been very useful to solve this problem in WhatsApp.

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