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Getting problems in games is normal, so today we will explain how to fix error code 11328 Warzone.

What is Warzone error code 11328?

 This is a problem that we get in this game, and it is usually quite annoying, although it is true, some errors that this game has gathered in advance have been solved, it should be noted that this has arisen and thus hinder things, so it is necessary to know How to fix COD Warzone error code 11328 because the phallus prevents us from playing because it usually leaves us in a kind of "Get online profile" loop.

 It is good to know that this error tends to occur more regularly on the Xbox, making it impossible to access the game, in addition, everything seems to indicate that this error is usually related to the Activision account, so it is vital to know How to repair the Call of Duty Warzone error code 11328, above all, taking into account that this problem is not a new issue, but it can be frustrating, there are some fixes that we can perfectly well execute and to give you more information about it, we have made this guide.

How to fix Warzone error code 11328?

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    Restart the game: this is a first solution that can be executed because doing so allows a kind of refresh, this action allows the game to search for our Activision account a second time.

     Restart the router: this is another of the tasks to be carried out to repair the Warzone error code 11328 and it is that on some occasions it can get stuck, so it is vital to disconnect the router, wait a few seconds and reconnect it, once this has been executed, we proceed to restart the game.

     Repair game files: this is another correction that we can implement to solve the error, we must have the option to scan and repair games on PC, when executing this, it verifies the game in search of possible corrupt data and reinstall, it is a process that can take some time.

     Download the latest update: Sometimes having outdated games can lead to errors, so it is vital to have the latest version of the game, to do this we must click on the Settings button and choose Check for updates in the Basttle launcher. net, when playing on the console we must hover over the game and press the Options button, occasionally it is possible to uninstall some game packages and reinstall them

     This is everything you need to know about How to fix error code 11328 Warzone, so all you have to do is run one of these fixes and you're good to go.

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