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The changes without a doubt in weapons are fantastic, let's see which is the best ITRA Burst loadout Warzone Season 5 class.

Why have the best ITRA Burst Warzone season 5 build?

 Because it allows us to include a series of accessories to this assault rifle and even though it has some qualities and statistics that make it attractive, there is the possibility of making it much better, in this season we must face interesting enemies and there is nothing Better to be properly equipped.

 There are more weapons that can be modified in the game and that somehow allow it to be completed, in the case of this ITRA Burst rifle it should be noted that it has a viable burst, decent statistics that when equipped can be better, this considering that we have the ability to increase the general rate of fire, there is the issue of recoil control, in addition to mobility, this allows this rifle to be a fairly complete weapon and then we will detail the accessories that are viable for this weapon.

What is the best ITRA Burst loadout Warzone Season 5?

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    • Muzzle: MX Silencer: This upgrade allows for the ability to hide shots on the enemy minimap, as well as increased weapon range and recoil control.
    • Barrel: 140mm Perfetto Rapida – This upgrade allows the weapon to pack a punch by making the rate of fire faster.
    • Optics: SVT-40 PU 3-6x Scope – This scope allows for more precision, this is often chosen as a personal mechanic.
    • Stock: Botti SMI Adjustable: this accessory allows for more recoil control.
    • Underbarrel: Angled M1930 Strife – This is another accessory and allows us to have more recoil control.
    • Magazine: 303 British magazines of 36 rounds: allows us to increase the rate of fire.
    • Ammunition type: elongated: this allows you to have more bullet speed.
    • Rear Grip: Spiked Grip – This upgrade allows for more weapon stability.
    • Sleight of hand: allows you to have faster reloading.


    Now that you know the best ITRA Burst setup Warzone Season 5, it is ideal to apply these changes and make this weapon an excellent partner to choose in this season.

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