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2021-12-17 09:12:24

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This time we return with a Warframe guide, with the aim of explaining how to get platinum.

What to know about platinum in Warframe?

It is a Premium currency, which is useful for the purchase of weapons, Warframes and much other equipment, with this currency we can even skip many things, certainly just playing leads us to obtain many elements, but there is a group of articles that we can buy only with this currency, in the case of the masks created we cannot buy them with this one, it will depend on the currency that is presented in reality, to know how to get platinum, let's follow what is presented below very closely.

How to get platinum in Warframe?

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As for How to get platinum in Warframe, different options are presented, and we have them below:
  • The purchase of packages: on the game's website we have this option to purchase these currency packages using the real world currency, by logging in we can get discounts, something that is generated randomly, and a discount can arrive To be 75 percent, the cost of the various packages, there is the 75 platinum for $4.99, the 170 platinum for $9.99, the 370 platinum for $19.99, the 1000 platinum for $49.99, the 2100 platinum for $99.99 and 4300 platinum for $199.99.
  • The articles and trade of the farm: through the cultivation of some elements we can make exchanges for platinum with other players, being managed by supply and demand, with the highest costs being those new, strong items and warframes, while the old are of lesser value.
  • The Prime Access and Prime Vault packages: there are different levels for Prime Access, being in this way to get some elements of the game, which includes platinum, the purchase of the Prime Vault is also possible when the Old primes, only that these bring less platinum with them, both packages are available on the game's website.
  • The prizes: on some occasions the gift of platinum packages is presented by Digital Extremes, this for its Devstreams or for contests and events, it is certainly complex to predict, so it is opportune to be aware of what happens by the social networks of the game and keep up to date with the draws that will be presented.

This is how we finalize our guide on How to get platinum, hoping that you can get the best out of a game as busy as Warframe.

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