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This time we return with a Vigil The Longest Night guide with the objective of explaining how to use the items.

What are the items in Vigil The Longest Night?

  These are those objects that become of vital importance when influencing our performance in the game, some of which become consumable to influence our health, but there are others that are of great incidence such as weapons, from the ground it is It is possible to collect these items, but in the same way it is necessary that we understand how to use the items and the explanation of this comes in the following content of this guide, then let's look at them very carefully.
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    How to use the items in Vigil The Longest Night?

     Certainly it is something bright that we can easily notice, we approach these and press the analog lever to pick it up, now for the use of these we make a configuration of the items in the quick menu, being accessible with the RB, seeing a wheel in which the items are shown and that we can turn it to the left or right with the analog on the left, what we will do is highlight the element that we want to use and with the RB this will be used, if we want to add to the quick menu some of these items, we go to the beginning and enter the inventory, here we look for the ones that we are going to use, among which we can highlight the knives, and Molotovs, finally we will make the choice by preparing the A, then we have between the 8 spaces available on the right side of the screen to that item.

     Now that we know how to use the items, we just have to apply the guidelines and continue enjoying this interesting game such as Vigil The Longest Night.

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