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We welcome you to our Valorant guide where we will talk about how to fix the critical system error.

What to know about the critical system error in Valorant?

  It is a problem that prevents us from playing normally, indicating a critical system error, it is not possible to start the game or we will see it in the middle of a game, this being an online game, it can look normal, go through problems, Now looking to be aware of how to fix the critical system error, there are some indications that we can consider in this regard that will be presented from here on in this guide, let's see.

How to fix critical system error in Valorant?

  There are a set of possible solutions to consider as to how to fix critical system error in Valorant and these are as follows:
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    Windows update: through the configuration we can choose the Windows Update tile on the left, then we will go to the update verification, in this option entering we will see them downloaded automatically, which can help us as to how fix the critical system error and preventing future errors.

    Device restart: in most cases it becomes very effective, ending temporary errors that lead to this problem in Valorant, after the restart we can verify to see what happens.

    Updating the graphics drivers: for this option, as for how to solve the critical system error we will go to the device manager to enter with double click on the display adapters, which allows the expansion of this, you have to right click on the graphic driver to enter the update option, which will take us to the most recent version.

    Run as administrator: it is important that Valorant has administrator privileges, for this we press start or Win R, writing services.msc and we hit enter, then we will go down to the VGC services, here we give it in the configurations and press V to do it quickly, with the double click on the services we have to change the start to automatic, added to this see that the service is running and we click apply, then we will go to the Riot Games directory > VALORANT > live > ShooterGame > Binaries > Win64 > VALORANT-Win64-Shipping application, we right click on it to enter the properties, we go to the compatibility option where we will mark run program as administrator, it is important to apply before accepting, we continue by going to the Riot Games folder where we will choose the RiotClientServices app having to do the similar, finally we'll go to RiotGames > Valorant > live > VALORANT app to run as administrator, we start the game to see what happens with the error.

    Reinstall the game: having not achieved anything with the previous indications, we only have this option as a solution, for this we go to the configuration by choosing the application mosaic on the left, we will go down until we reach the game and Riot Vanguard, in the three vertical points we have to press to choose the option to uninstall, the next thing is to go to the web to install the game again.


     In conclusion, knowing how to fix the critical system error is interesting because it can help us in the possible return of our game to normal in Valorant.

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