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Valorant 4.0 is here and that's why we prepared this article to let you know all the changes in the weapons.

What are the changes in the weapons of Valorant 4.0 about?

These are the changes or updates that we will be able to find in some weapons of the game with the arrival of the 4.0 update of the game. So below we will highlight all the changes in the weapons.

All the weapon changes in Valorant 4.0?


We start this about all the weapon changes in Valorant 4.0 with him this weapon that rises from the shadows of high-value, low-cost spray weapons, plus the Turn Up mechanic was also removed, and now has higher rate of fire.

  • Rotate up removed.
  • Rate of fire changed from 10 to 13.

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    Spectre SMG, which had superior performance in long-range combat, in addition to having good power at close range. The thing is that with this update the developers adjusted the weapon's accuracy error and highlighted the following changes:

    • The protected bullet count of the horizontal shift is further reduced from eight to five.
    • The firing error is activated in the previous stages of the bullet, i.e. in bullets three, six and eight.
    • The time to correct for horizontal movement when spraying the gun drops to 0.18.

    Vertical and horizontal recoil multipliers increased from 1.25 to 1.5 for firing while running, jumping and using an ascender.


    Removed the rate of fire penalty, added an additional bullet before the recoil starts to deflect to make the weapon feel more accurate.


    Opponents near the center of melee attacks will be damaged first.

    • The left click hitbox is larger than a right click with a longer range.
    • Right click hitboxes will now be 1.5 times bigger than before.
    • Bonus: Knife walls now have instant feedback when slashing walls.


    To finish this guide about all the weapon changes in Valorant 4.0, you have Bulldog, a weapon that features the following changes:

    • HIP firing rate increases from 9.5 to 10.
    • Burst fire recovery improves from 0.4 to 0.35.

    Now that you know what are all the changes in the weapons in Valorant 4.0, we hope you can take advantage of all the improvements of these weapons in each game.

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