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There are several tasks to perform in Valheim, which allows us to explain how to prepare mead.

What is mead in Valheim?

It is a drink that we can make in the game to share with friends at first due to its alcoholic properties, but it should be noted that with this resource we will see our bonuses and statistics increased, which can be useful to face the complexities of the game, then it is ideal that you understand How to prepare mead and we will see it next.
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How to prepare mead in Valheim?

The key is in honey as the main ingredient, it is certainly necessary for all recipes that have to do with mead, so through the hives of the world we will be able to harvest honey, for this it is ideal that in our farm they are created the hives, which can be done by destroying one of the hives and taking the queen bee, then with some wood we need, we must consider that by making a hive bees will be won inside, managing to obtain honey in each visit that let us do it, it is important that we have the mead base, with which the type of mead is determined, being from a healing potion, resistant to poison and many more, but it is not possible to do it in a standard craft position, it is necessary A cauldron and this is created by means of a smelter for the smelting of tin bars, the cauldron must be placed in the fire, then added to some copper and tin we mix them to have bronze, which helps us It will give to create another necessary element such as the fermenter, it consists of an improvement of the cauldron for the fermentation and elaboration of the mead that we need.

Having then what is necessary we will go to the cauldron to note a list of recipes related to mead, having the corresponding ingredients we will go on to creating the base of our mead, after it is ready we have to place it in the fermenter and we will only have to wait It is good to consider the time that this requires, so it is possible to do other tasks in the meantime, then we can drink it with the use of a jug, which we can do at the work station, in this way we will be able to take advantage of all the benefits that have to do with bonuses and statistics that will help us obtain advantages in the game.

 We can conclude our guide on How to prepare mead, now you can make it and tell us what you think about Valheim.

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