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V Rising offers us more searches, let's see where to find the mourning lily.

What is the mourning lily in V Rising?

This is nothing more than a necessary resource that we must obtain and that is usually necessary to progress, so knowing where to find the mourning lily makes it necessary to take care of cultivating it, and this is an action that we can perfectly well do from the beginning when we get involved in potion making.

Where to find the mourning lily in V Rising?

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Searching for this resource will take us to the Forgotten Cemetery in Farbane Woods, this usually has a bright blue top and its head looks like a bell, we can get it growing either between plants or between tombstones, to perform this search it is necessary to be equipped with good armor due to the fact that this place is usually Nicholas the Fallen and the minions that follow him.

Going to the Forgotten Cemetery can be a complex and risky task, in case we don't want to do it there, then we can go to a nearby cemetery, among the tombstones of it this lily can grow, we just have to look for it calmly.

Another option to get this lily is to get it in some treasures and chests, it will only be a matter of looting villages, but this is practically a waste of time, you almost never get anything.

We will be able to grow this mourning lily in our castle, it is only necessary to take care of buying the seed, and we can make this purchase from the merchant Gavyn the Shady Dealer, we only have to exchange it for 15 silver coins.

The Mourning Lily is often used on the alchemy table to create:

  • Minor Sun Resistance Brew: This one requires 20 Mourning Lilies, 20 Blood Roses, and 1 Canteen filled with water.

  • Holy Stamina Potion: This requires 60 Mourning Lithium, 2 Plague Stones, and 1 Bottle of Water.

Now that you know where to find the Mourning Lily, you can embark on this quest that only V Rising gives you.

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