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We welcome you to our V Rising guide where we will talk about How to whisper.

What to know about whispering in V Rising?

It is a form of communication that becomes necessary in the game, which allows us to send our information to a player on the server without the others who are in the group knowing it, now to know how to whisper let's see what they have us Details of this guide below.

How to whisper in V Rising?

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What we will do is use the command /w (Player name) starting a message, which will allow us to whisper in the chat, it is very similar to other games, there are options in multiplayer, writing the command for the player with whom we are going to whisper, what we write is visible to it, suitable for weapons, attack strategies, combos and even calls to those who may be using traps in our group, apart from this we have a local, global and you chat.

The next thing for the local and global chat we have to be in the game we press Return, then the Tab to alternate with the local and global chat, while the options of you we have to enable them in options, we enter sound, we look for chat of you and with this we enable it, even accessing other configurations, through global chat we communicate with all the players who are on the server, while local chat covers a specific range depending on where we are, the same happens with the chat of you, with the Whisper command we can send someone secretly.

 We hope that the information detailed here on How to whisper has been very useful for your progress and fun in V Rising,

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