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V Rising offers us much more to do, let's see How to reduce misery.

What is misery in V Rising?

This is a status effect that usually accumulates in our prisoners every time we manage to extract their blood, the prisoners are usually the ones in charge of supplying us with blood, however, it is necessary to keep them fed and happy, for this reason it is necessary to know how to reduce the misery to avoid accidentally killing them in our night shelter and thus safely obtaining the necessary blood in the castle.

How to reduce misery in V Rising?

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Every time we feed and extract blood from the prisoners, they usually receive more damage, the more we feed, the more likely it will be that we kill a healthy prisoner, especially this is usually more reflected when we reach 60 percent and in case of being a healthy prisoner and with high quality blood this risk is not worth it, it is better to keep him alive.

 To know how to reduce misery, it is necessary to apply some options even when these may be limited:

 Choose to fish: there are only two that can favor us, rainbow trout is one of them and offers us between 5 and 10 percent, while sage offers us between 15 and 30 percent, but to get these fish it is necessary to challenge some atheists dangerous, in this case we must go to Brighthaven Docks where we can catch these fish at fishing points, although there is the possibility of looting them from boxes and containers, we can even send servants to do this task, even though this may lead to some injuries.

 Opting to make sure the prison cells are in a room with a prison floor: this is another method of reducing misery in V Rising, this doesn't actually reduce misery as such, it just allows the impact of misery to be less impactful , we manage to reduce the base damage by drawing blood, but this is not necessarily very feasible, considering that it is possible to take them to a higher threshold before risking killing them in one go.

 This is all we know about How to reduce misery, just apply a method and thus continue to keep prisoners usable in V Rising.

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