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V Rising has more tasks for us and therefore it is necessary to know how to make empty glass bottle.

What does it mean to make a glass bottle in V Rising?

 It is good to keep in mind that knowing how to make an empty glass bottle requires having glass and this is usually created with quartz, that is, to create glass we must take care of cultivating quartz, these are found in Dunley Farmlands, this quartz can be obtained in the nodes and sometimes we must have some quartz as backup, this is because the nodes are not usually infinite, it is impossible to get a ton of quartz, this is because the enemies are usually in good quantity in this area, we can also mobilize to the Dunley Monastery where it is necessary to have Potions of Sacred Resistance to be able to get out alive.

 Having the opportunity to get involved in a necessary process that we must execute in this game, so that it is necessary to know how to make an empty glass bottle, only that before making the bottle we must make the glass, this is because it is the necessary resource.

 Knowing how to make an empty glass bottle makes it necessary to have the glass, for this it is necessary to take care of unlocking the glass recipe in V Rising, for this we must take care of reaching level 44 V Blood called Christina the Sun Priestess, by beating him we can to receive:


  •  Power of Purgatory.
  • glass recipe
  • Empty glass bottle recipe.
  • Holy Stamina Potion Recipe.
  • Blood rose potion recipe.


How to make empty glass bottle in V Rising?

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With the glass recipe and the empty glass bottle recipe we can go to the oven room to make the glass, so making glass requires:

Insert 20 quartz in your oven, with this we will get 4 glass panels and once this is done we can create the empty glass bottle.

To create the empty glass bottle we require:

Go to the Alchemy table and take the four glass panels, these must be placed in the container, having the recipe we must click on it to create our bottle in V Rising.

  This is all you need to know about How to make empty glass bottle, just throw yourself into this task that only V Rising offers you.

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