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We invite you to discover How to get Water Filled Canteen, a new task in V Rising.

What to know about the canteen filled with water in V Rising?

  It is a consumable that is required for the elaboration of concoctions and potions, only that finding this can be very complex, which leads us to look for answers regarding How to get a canteen full of water that we are presented in the next content of this guide, let's see.

How to get Water Filled Canteen in V Rising?

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By defeating the troops that are on the map it is possible to achieve it, only the location near Bandit Sulfur Quarry stands out, now we can also manufacture it, but this requires obtaining the recipe that is obtained by beating Keely the Frost Archer, apart access to the leather recipe and the tannery structure, we can give water to our horse's saddle with this canteen, the next thing we will do when we have the recipe is go to the alchemy table, here we will need some elements, these being 4 leather and 20 vegetable fiber.

 Now we have to put the elements in the entry of the alchemy table to get the canteen, then we will go to the lakes, streams or pond to fill it, having it full of water we can use it in the creation of potions and concoctions, the latter being of blood rose, fire resistance, minor garlic resistance, minor sun resistance, ferocity, enchanted and silver resistance, in addition to this we can create clay molds, only 12 canteens full of clay and one of water are needed.

 Now that we know how to get Water Filled Canteen, all that remains is to do it to continue progressing in this busy V Rising.

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