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In V Rising there are many hidden things, so if you don't know how to get the blood key you have come to the right place, because here we will help you with this

What is the blood key in V Rising?

This is a legendary item that you can obtain by eliminating one of the most powerful bosses, but calm down, because now we are going to tell you in detail but in the most understandable way how to obtain the blood key.

How to get the blood key in V Rising?

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To obtain this item you will have to eliminate Solarus the Immaculate, the final boss of the game. For this you will have to complete the line of missions of the game, that is to say the whole story until you reach the final boss, who by the way is level 80. So make sure you level up so that it is not so complicated and make sure you master your skills to the fullest .

You can find the final boss by using the Altar of Blood, which will take you to a temple in eastern Silverlight Hills, where he is. If you can go with a clan much better, since solo it will be a difficult battle.

Eliminating this enemy will allow you to obtain the recipe for the blood key, which you will have to craft at the jewelry table using:

  • 3 Primal Blood Essences
  • 6 gold bars
  • 21 dark silver ingots
  • 300 gem dust

 In this way we come to the end of this article on how to get the blood key in V Rising, so now that we are done, we hope we have been of as much help as possible, so that you can quickly eliminate the final boss and get the key quickly.

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