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V Rising offers us more tasks, let's see How to get silk.

What is silk in V Rising?

  This is a higher level resource that is usually present in this game and that we must use to be able to make a loom, so it is necessary to know how to obtain silk, because it is vital to have a good amount of resources, these are usually vital to fight against enemies, in addition to allowing us to build the castle and of course, create the army we need to progress.

How to get silk in V Rising?

  To obtain this resource we must take care of manufacturing it and for this we must have:
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  • 8 Highland Lotus – This one will need to be grown in Harpy Nests and this is usually located in North Central and South Central Silverlight Hills.
  • 4 silkworms: to find them we must take care of going to Spider Cave and this usually occurs in the Cursed Forest.
  • 4 cloths.

  Once we have the ingredients, we must unlock the recipe for making silk and in order to get it, it is necessary to take care of defeating Ungora the Spider Queen Location and Boss Fight Guide.


  To obtain Bloomoom Battlegear it is necessary to have:

  • 32 silks.
  • 256 highland lotuses.
  • 128 silkworms.
  • 128 fabrics.

Now that you know how to get silk, it's time to embark on this task that only V Rising offers us.

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17 MAY 2022
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