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Today we bring you a V Rising guide where we will talk about How to fix black screen.

What to know about black screen in V Rising?

  This occurs when we are playing or after we have created the character, although the new game is going through some errors, the most recent being this specific one, there are some options that we can consider while we try to see How to fix black screen and with the following content we have you covered, let's see.

How to fix black screen on V Rising?

  Starting from the point where we created the character, the black screen is present instantly in V Rising, in the dedicated servers it is where it has been seen most frequently, those of GPortal enter the same situation, even the one of our house, now we have Regarding How to fix black screen, a series of steps that can help us and these are the following:
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  • Reinstallation of the server: in some cases this option can be useful, for this we will go to our saves and delete the files that are related to our dedicated server, if we use those of GPortal in V Rising we must go to the configuration option of our server to hit reinstall and with this we generate a new copy of it.
  • Check game files: it may happen that some damaged or corrupted files are found, which will cause this error, if so, in terms of How to fix the black screen we have to make a comparison of the files of our PC with those of the servers of Steam, looking for them to match, then we will right click on the game in our library to enter the properties, in local files we choose the option to verify the integrity of the game files, we wait for a process and then we will try to see what happens.
  • Installation of the latest patch: on May 30, 2022, a patch was released, which brings with it a series of general optimizations so that V Rising has greater stability and performance, it is appropriate that it be installed automatically by the game.
  • Contact the support of GPortal and the game: through the GPortal website you can create a ticket to send it to their support, as long as we use a server from here you have to do it, while in terms of How to fix the black screen the game support You must be informed of what is happening, because with this they will carry out the investigations and can quickly provide us with a solution, by Twitter or email we can contact them, this being


 In case the black screen occurs while we are playing V Rising, it means that it is affected by the formation of a black pixel that little by little consumes the entire screen, apparently it is related to the textures or lighting, in this case As for How to fix black screen, we will choose the following:


  •  Join the server again: you just have to go to the main menu to enter our server again, with this we should not run into the problem.
  • Game restart: a simple restart can correct different errors, but it becomes something basic and could be momentary, so later we can see the error again.
  • Changing our anti-aliasing mode: Without leaving the game, it's possible that changing the anti-aliasing mode will verify the problem, we'll make the change and play around to see what happens.
  • Contact support: Contacting the game's support team may be the most accurate solution, so if we do not achieve anything with the above, we will have to do it.


 Finally, now that we know how to fix black screen, it is possible to return to normal gaming and have fun with V Rising.

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