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Lidia Rozo
2020-12-18 16:54:13

Today we are on these sides in order to explain where your streaming key is, as it is a necessary piece in Twitch.

Why find the streaming key in Twitch?

  It is important to be clear that there are a number of things that we must consider before embarking on a transmission, since this broadcasting software can become somewhat complex, for those who do not have much information about it, however, there is no need to stay there , because there are some fabulous resources that allow us to work and manage our transmission, because if we do not try this software we will hardly be able to learn to handle it and precisely knowing where your streaming key is allows us to take the best advantage of it as possible from making a transmission a very simple task to do.

Where is your streaming key in Twitch?

When we embark on this transmission adventure, it is usually necessary to take care of entering the key by pressing the button to go live, but we get an obstacle that indicates that it is usually necessary first to enter the key that is a transmission code, and it is clearly linked to the Twitch channel, as it should be noted that the transmissions here can take place locally or online, as there is no limitation.

Now to get the streaming key it is necessary:

  •  Login to Twitch.
  • Go to account settings and click on the profile picture
  • Then click on settings or account settings.
  • Some tabs are shown at the top where it is necessary to click on Channel and Videos.
  • Proceed to locate the primary transmit key marked with an asterisk as this prevents the key from being revealed.
  • There is the option to copy it for which it is possible to press and paste in our transmission software without it being revealed.
  • Then it is possible to enter the configuration in our transmission software and in the transmission options where we get a section where we can publish the key.

 This is all you need to know about Where is your streaming key, it is simply a search that allows us to know your accommodation in Twitch and choose to publish it if we consider it necessary.

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