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Trials of Mana: How to Use Item Seeds - Tips adn tricks

2020-04-23 13:29:20

Mana trials has for us a number of very interesting elements, let's see how to use item seeds

How to use item seeds in Trials of Mana?

To use the seeds it is necessary to interact with the orange planter and this will be located next to the desk in charge of the inn, to achieve this it is necessary to press the X button and this will direct us exactly to the menu where we can choose to choose the seed that we want to plant , because they have an excellent utility.

The plants normally have a specific utility here, and we can plant them in the pots of the inns, by doing it randomly it is possible to get them to offer more interesting and useful items, because they should not be used as consumables.

Where to get the seeds in Mana Trials?

Knowing how to use article seeds is part of the possibility of finding them, because although it may be a simple enough topic it is necessary, since it is possible to get them in some chests and bright points, the good thing about all this is not just getting them, but many of them. our enemies usually make them fall and we proceed to take them, each one of them presents a specific variant as well as all the enemies drop seeds.
Read Also:

  • The enemies of the early games offer us low probability objects to get rare items, since these are only item seeds.
  • Enemies of Half Chance Game offer us the chance to moderately collect rare items from Silver Seeds.
  • Last minute enemies allow us to collect rare items of gold seed with high odds.
  • Last minute and endgame enemies offer item seeds.
  • The enemies at the end of the game offer us the possibility of obtaining rare items and Rainbow seeds with enormous possibilities.

This is all you need to know about how to use item seeds and how to get them in Trials of Mana

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