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In this Tower Unite Socialite guide we offer you the complete list of the twenty NPCs, as well as the stores so you can complete all the achievements, we hope you find it very useful.

In Tower Unite Socialite you must complete the 20 NPC achievements, for this you must visit the necessary stores, you must know that seasonal stores are not taken into account to complete all the achievements, so it is possible to complete them at all times. The achievements of NPC seasonal stores do not require special actions just visit each store and press E, so you talk to the NPC, open the window and close to the other room, we advise you to have a route designed from one place to another and thus get short distances.
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    What are the shops to visit in Tower Unite Socialite

    As we have already mentioned, there are 20 stores that you must visit in Tower Unite Socialite to complete all the achievements, here we mention all the stores that you must visit:

    • Sir Reel
    • Franky grill - Franky.
    • Celebrations-Man too excited.
    • Fresh - Jane.
    • By the seashore - Ella.
    • The Stray - Kalleira.
    • Oasis - Sharon.
    • Project 12 (Rooftop Bar) - Wade.
    • Central circuit - Nick.
    • Imports of Rob (phone) - Rob.
    • Sweet Suite Furniture - Bradley.
    • Horizon Condos - Jeff.
    • Stations - Margarita.
    • D.I.Y - Amy.
    • Songbirds - Landin.
    • The toy stop - Richard.
    • Tower Theater - Veronica.
    • Bowling shop - Darien.
    • The pinhead - Kaylen.
    • The Pop Stop - Vendy.

    How to get all Tower Unite Socialite stores

    Next we will give you details so that in the game Tower Unite Socialite you can complete all the achievements in a faster and more precise way, just follow the following steps:

    • Celebrations: this store is located next to Fresh on the seafront.
    • Kalleira: this shop is right at the top of the lighthouse, you can reach it by jetpack or through the door at the base.
    • Central circuit - Nick: You can get this shop exactly on both sides of the tower, next to Rob imports.
    • Fresh: It is located right next to Celebrations on the promenade, Poseidon and the Ferris Wheel.
    • Franky grill - Franky: it consists of a hot dog stand, this can be found safely on the seafront, in front of the Poseidon roller coaster, the Ferris Wheel and on the outskirts of Fresh and Celebrations.
    • By the seashore - She: this can be found on the beach closest to the promenade you have to go to the lighthouse.
    • Imports of Rob (telephone) - Rob: This store is precisely located on both sides of the tower in the middle of the furniture and the central circuit.
    • Sweet Suite Furniture - Bradley: You can also find it on both sides of the tower, it is at the end and you can also find it in Horizon Condos inside the store.
    • The Sir Reel store has 2 locations with one that you visit is enough for your achievement, one is in the fishing cabin you get it outside of Poseidon Mountain, the second location is on the pier behind the Games Hub building.
    • Oasis - Sharon: This achievement can be located on the Treasure Hunt beach, behind the lifeguard station, you can also locate it before the first house on the beach.
    • Project 12 Rooftop Bar: You get it right on the roof of the tower, you can use the elevator labeled Project 12.
    • We already have 10 of 20 stores found in Tower Unite Socialite, as you can see there are many stores nearby is just knowing exactly their exact location to complete all the achievements, we will continue with the location of the remaining 10.
    • Tower Theater - Veronica: You can locate it in the play area by going out on the right side of the tower. Precisely between the tower and the promenade, you must speak with one of the two NPCS and thus complete the achievement.

    • In Bowling Store - Darien and Pinhead - Kaylen: In these two stores to complete the achievement you must talk to the two NPCS or stores within the Bowling Alley.
    •  D.I.Y - Amy: You can locate it in the tower locker room in front of the row of furniture, Rob's imports and the central circuit.
    •  Songbirds - Landin: This shop is also located on both sides of the tower, right in the middle of The Toy Stop Shop and Upgrade.
    •  The toy stop - Richard: This is next to Songbirds, also on both sides of the tower.
    • Horizon Condos - Jeff: It's located right inside the Sweet Suite Furnishings store, right next to the tower,
    • Stations - Margarita: This consists of a greenhouse you find right on the row of shops with Living room furniture, you can also find it in the central circuit and in Rob's Impostations.
    •  The Pop Stop - Vendy: Although Vendy is not an NPC, it is considered a store, and it is necessary to speak with only one NPC to complete all the achievements of Tower Unite Socialite, these machines can be obtained in Hidden Dev HQ.

     This is all you need to know about Tower Unite Socialite, we hope this guide has been very useful to get the stores and complete all the achievements of the game.