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You no longer have to ask yourself what rooms I should build in Oxygen Not Included, because in this guide we will clarify.

Knowing which rooms I must build is surely one of the most common questions in Oxygen Not Included and is being organized and knowing how to organize is one of the most important things to keep in mind in order to go far in this game.
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    What rooms should I build in Oxygen Not Included?

    It is very important to know what rooms I have to build especially considering that the most valuable and important resource of the game is oxygen. So our first recommendation is that you build tall rooms, 4 to 5 high fields to be able to have a higher oxygen intake and be able to accommodate them much better.

    Water tanks - Which rooms should I build?

    If you want to maintain full control of the water, it is advisable to build tanks for both clean and contaminated water and in this way it also prevents liquids from mixing with each other.

    Outhouse - What rooms should I build?

    The Outhouse is one of the most important rooms you can build in the game, keep in mind that unless you want to live in a puddle of contaminated water, it is best to have a good latrine.

    We recommend you build it in a separate room, you can place a wall with a mosaic base to the last of the platform. We recommend you have at least one, although it would be advisable to have two Outhouse and a compost nearby, although over time you will have to build bathrooms and showers.

    As your base acquires more size you can include even more.

    Growing areas - What rooms should I build in Oxygen Not Included

    This really cannot be a complicated, complicated task becomes at the moment when you have many plantations near active areas of the base since pollution and temperature can greatly affect them.

    The first thing we recommend is that the gas pressure level be maintained at 150 g per field. It can be any type of gas so don't worry so much about that aspect.

    To take care of your plantations, try to keep your plants away from heat and hot air generating machines, you can also create a cooling system, use insulating tiles to keep the temperature in a much more stable range.

    Build a ration box nearby and also a compactor for seeds only.

    Use the right fertilizers and water supply as your plantations require.

    Warehouse - What rooms should I build in Oxygen Not Included?

    Storage compactors will help you to save different resources in one place, and this will help keep one of the main principles of the game alive, the order. And if you manage to determine a compactor for each specific material, you can keep your base much tidier and cleaner at the same time.

    Dedicate a compactor only for poisonous raw materials.

    power grid- What rooms should I build in Oxygen Not Included?

    Try to build your power plant on the opposite side of the base, this will allow the large heat emissions that it produces not to affect so much. We also recommend placing the batteries in separate and fresh rooms.

    Basement - What rooms should I build in Oxygen Not Included?

    To have a perfect base it is necessary to have a room in which CO2 can access without many complications, the site can actually be simple, a mine, cave or some underground area that is close to your base so that CO2 can flow with ease, you can also put algae in the area to be removed.

    We hope that with this guide the question of what rooms should I build has been more than overcome. We will be bringing you more content about Oxygen Not Included to always keep you up to date, as well as other titles that are sure to be very useful.
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