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Discover with us how to get further development in Oxygen Not Included.

In this new installment of Oxygen Not Included, the survival simulation video game developed by Klei Entertaiment will be showing you how to get further development, so check it out.

How to get further development in Oxygen Not Included?

The first thing you should know if you want to  get further development in Oxygen Not Included is that you will have to invest in science. You should choose a research station in the Stations tab and place it near a battery to connect it to a power grid.

Make sure that the duplicate with the best learning ability is the only one to do the research and select the station. Oxygen Not Included allows you to conduct a novice investigation.

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    How to create a rookie research point in Oxygen Not Included?

    For this you will need 100 kg of dirt, if you are wondering how it will be possible to store so much dirt, the answer is in duplicates. You should build a nearby storage compactor and allow duplicates to store as much dirt in it as possible.

    Then you must select the appropriate investigation in the machine overview window or by selecting the tab located in the upper right screen.

    You will notice a huge research tree. You should know that most technicians will not be useful to you during the first weeks. In the first column of the technologies you should start with "Basic Agriculture" with the aim of creating your own agricultural fields.

    Later you will have to select "Interior decoration", this to place sculptures, paintings, among others. According to the development direction of your colony, you should assign more research.

    This is what you should take into account for  get further development in Oxygen Not Included.

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