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We have prepared an article for you to follow the necessary steps and you can find all Monstermon cards in Kindergarten 2.

The Kindergarten 2 game contains a series of colored cards that we must get and for them it is important to know that there are some interesting tips to collect them through the game which allows us to find all Monstermon cards which are red, green, blue , yellow and purple, in Kidergarten 2, interesting right?
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    Where to find all Monstermon cards in Kindergarten 2?

    The red cards are composed of a total of 10 elements, we have the pointed chair this letter can be obtained in the middle of the cushions of the sofa that is inside in the girls bathroom and one of the sectors where you can see it is in the story a story of janitors, on the other hand the letter of the man of fire is achieved when you manage to culminate the story breaking sad, likewise the card of the stressed flame appears when you finish the story of The Hitman's Patty Guard, likewise the worm card dune visible when the story is finished if you can dodge a nugget, in the meantime the cigarette card is acquired during the story of the creature's feature you will have to move through the halls of the children's bathroom, you see we are going through half of the red cards so that we are already having some progress to find all Monstermon cards.

    Likewise, finding the letter of the teenage mutant zombie can be seen in the sandbox of the playground after a fight by Nugget, in the meantime getting the card of the duck of cicliops can be a bit complex because you will have to solve a riddle a bit tedious because you must find the answer to have in your hands the letter of Kindergarten 2 once you solve it the letter will be shown to you, the answer to this riddle is the words yellow, blue, blue, red, blue, red, weird but that is what that we must tell Jerome that he is on a walk along the playground swings, on the other hand to be able to find the dragon card we only need a couple of elements among which is a savings book that will help you to buy a hamburger go to the Alley to talk with Agnes the witch, with her you must make an exchange that is to ask her to change the hamburger for her smoky cat and use the notebook to enter the b year of children to the monitor that is in the hallway you are going to give smoky and so you can get the card that is hanging around these sides, then go to the gym class and see how you can help Jerome because he needs to take the ball Carla once you achieve this goal will appear the letter of Dab Hero and finally make Ozzy fall in a combat of cards this is standing near a tree that is located in the playground when you fulfill this purpose you can acquire the card of the Hydra of millions of heads on this side would already be managing to find all Monstermon cards in Kindergarten 2.

    Green cards - Monstermon cards in the Kindergarten 2

    Green cards are also necessary and important in Kindergarten, so we will focus on them starting with the highest Tree card that can be achieved when we are intruded into Diana's story and stumble upon the tree hive, on the other side if we complete the story we will be presented with the monstrous Flytrap card, now, we need to pay Monty $ 3.00 so that we can have access to the ramp that is used for wheelchairs at school, you will need to get a blue flower because this is replace with the yellow one in the vase of the staff room once you do this the garden Gnome card will appear, for these same paths you can find the card of the Cold Touch for it you will need to pay the cost of admission to the laboratory go to same and place a sample of a plant and observe it in the microscope in this way Dr. Danner will give you the card that is a fundamental part of our tra quest to find all Monstermon cards

    We continue the search to find all the Monstermon cards and continue the walk when we manage to culminate the story of the Things that will grow, the Ofaka tornado card will appear available, we continue the search and we go to Diana's flowers in this story we need shake the hive over Penny and sell the smuggling you have hidden from Monty so you can cancel lab payments even ask for rebates of at least $ 5.00 and you will receive the Literally weed card in Kindergarten 2.

    We continue the course to find all the Monstermon cards and we find the letter of the Error of the doodoo, this is achieved in a day where you will have to start it by dialoguing with Felix and then with Ted pretending that you follow the story of The Hitman's Potty Guard, After talking with Cindy, he looks for a way for Ted to put a bubble gum on Carla's head, the report card is essential because you will need to accept the evaluation and receive the toilet paper as a reward go to the vending machine buy your lunch and then go to the bathroom, until Ozzy enters it and wait for him at the door to talk, you give him the paper and this will give you the card, in the meantime to get the legendary sword you will only need to pay Monty $ 3.00 so you can move on the ramp and follow this order up, left, up, right, up, right, left, up to enter the forest and get the card, for another or side to get the wildlife card in Kindgarten 2 it is essential to overthrow Monty in a card fight, meanwhile the last red card is called Mystic Tomato and gets it in the story Diana's Flowers while Margaret prepares food, the card It is in a corner of the warehouse.

    Blue cards - Monstermon cards in Kindergarten 2.

    Blue cards are necessary in Kindergarten 2 so it is important to pick them up starting with the hard Booggar card that is obtained by paying Monty $ 3.00 to use the ramp there we walk and interact when we see a red exclamation point, we will immediately find our card , in the same way we go through the story of "The Hitman's Potty Guard to get to the gym and help Carla, once this we go to the patio to talk with Monty and he will give us the card of the Celestial Place, if we walk through history a story of janitors we can get the Cube or water card that is in a yellow container and we follow the route when we get to the story if you can dodge a nugget we sneak through the alley to talk with Agnes and exchange the nuggets box with the cat Tenders Go to the teachers' room, give offers to Nugget and acquire the Palate Tuna letter.

    We still have enough way to reach the goal, find all the Monstermon cards in Kindgarten 2, so we move through history if you can dodge a nugget pick up the short leg and go to science talk with the other leg and Dr Danner will grant us the Ultralodon letter, on the other hand, go with your notebook to Mrs. Applegate to ask if you can use the bathroom, slide to the staff room and give a can of soda to Buggs to give you the card of the carnivorous Nimbus.

    To get the Coral card that looks like the hand it is important to overthrow Carla in a card fight, you should also go to the laboratory again with Dr. Danner to get the small peak card in the laboratory when you have observed a sample in the microscope , meanwhile getting the letter from the Sand Castle is interesting because it is located on the unstable rocks finally the last blue card we can get is the Hermit Frog that is visualized by the third space in the classroom below in the story if you can dodge a nugget when Applegate is off the premises.

    Yellow cards - Montermon cards in Kindergard 2.

    The yellow cards that we can find are great starting with The Zen Octopus which is achieved by giving a roulette to Nugget this will be in the toy box, on the other hand getting the Golden Drop card is not very complete you just need to overthrow Jerome in a fight of letters, in the meantime if you can talk to the principal before starting the classes, find out if you can have access to interact with the red book because if it is affirmative there you will find the letter of the Forbidden Book, in that sense we continue the march and we need to overthrow Cindy In a combat of cards to obtain the Marshmallow card, also if we manage to complete the story a story of janitors will obtain the letter of the Lamb with very good cleaner.

    We continue to explore the history of Diana's Flowers for this we get a salad for Cindy then we visit Agnes and exchange it for her cat Gravy interchange it so that they give you the letter of the Fat Boat in Kindgarten 2, as we can not stand still because we have Goals to accomplish We will culminate the whole story of Cain is not able because there we will get the Treasure Chest.

    Within the history of janitors you can get the letter of Mr. good boy for it you go to the girls' bathroom and talk with Bob you clarify that you do not know how to read or write and it will be a point in your favor to give you the card, then slide in the game and appears in the characteristic story of the creature in the laboratory you can find the card of the slurper and finally keep a fight with Felix to get the rare Jewel card.

    Purple cards - monstermon cards in Kindgarten 2.

    These are the last ones that we have decided to specify but they do not have less relevance for example if we complete the story of attracting opposites we will obtain the letter of the murderous Eye, in turn at a lunch in the History flowers for Diana you can buy the card of the Onion, if what we want is comfort by overthrowing Buggs in a card fight we get the Flam Peak card, meanwhile when Mrs. Applegate has thrown Jerome out of class you move around the room and in the toy box you can observe the Purple Plush letter.

    To get the card of the Knight who returned badly you only need to finish the story of Cain is not able when you side with Ted.

    On the other hand, in the morning class, talk to Monty so he can reward you with the monster ghost card, then find a way to overthrow the witch Agnes in a card fight so you can pick up the card from the evil thwarter, so check the Billy box there, you can find the Mystery Package card in Kindgarten 2.

    Glide through the game and fall into the story of attracting the opposites you will have to play the house with Cindy and recover a doll and interact completely since even the janitor will be part of the game there in the meantime you can get the Oglebop Ogre card , and to finalize the last card that needs to be achieved is the Dank Magician that is available when you complete the characteristic story of the creature, with this card you have already fulfilled the objective goal of find all the Monstermon cards in Kindergarten 2.

    In general terms it is not very difficult to find all the Monstermon cards throughout the game Kindergarten 2 which is based on quite interesting stories about a group of people who converge in the same place.