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Through this guide we will show you how to find or grow solar vines in No Man’s Sky as well as the Solanium element in the game without having to use mining, without further waiting we will describe it below.

After a year and long after the launch of No Man's Sky it is very difficult to get the Solanium element, this element like others is very rare but has several uses, one of them is to update your equipment and create new elements it is necessary to obtain Salanium, also to be able to update its base.

How to find Solanium in No Man’s Sky

As we already mentioned find or grow solar vines in No Man’s Sky is very difficult in the game, with a galaxy full of many complicated planets knowing where to look, but you don't have to worry there is a way to get it easier. The most important thing is to know where you are.

The first thing you should do is to review the planets that you are looking for and that can host the element, you must keep in mind that this element can only be harvested on the back of Solar Vine, which are expressed with small suns that run around the red rocks . To find or grow solar vines you have to know that it can only be done on land available in the sun. There is also the possibility of finding Solanium mixed with more minerals in regular plants but its rate is low.

What planets are scorched by the sun in No Man’s Sky

We teach you this important trick that you should know in the No Man’s Sky game, while you are in space you can observe a planet and scan it before approaching to discover its elements especially to find or grow solar vines. As you can imagine the planets that you should consider to scan are the hottest easy to know by their appearance.

Here are a series of planet clues that you should consider for scanning:--

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    • High temperature.

    • Hot.

    • Arid.

    • Scalding.

    • Singed

    • Boiling.

    • Burning.

    • Carbonized

    • Torrid.

    • Incandescent.

    Taking these clues into account and you have found a planet and it indicates that you can find or cultivate solar vines, the safest thing is that you want to settle on it, you should know that the Solanium element is a purple icon that indicates its rarity and leaf-shaped, It will take you to find or grow solars, also called living rocks. But, in order to pick it up you need a Haz-Mat Guantlet, which you must have unlocked through a technology merchant.

    If you are one of those who do not like to walk through the galaxies in search of sunny planets then you must look for your own Solanium for the sun vines that you have possibly planted, the good news is that you can plant, find or grow solar vines in No Man's Sky using any biome, unfortunately it can take a long time to obtain a Solanium.

    What it takes to plant a Solar Vine in No Man’s Sky

    To be able to grow solar vines you must know what should be done indoors so you must prepare a room with hydroponic trays, one of the best rooms is a biodome, which has 16 slots to house plants. Remember that you can grow them outside but a hot plant with burned soils is necessary.

    You must know that to grow solar vines in the No Man’s Sky game, you need one hundred matches and 25 Chromatic Metal to be able to do it, the matches can be obtained on the burned planets, the chromatic metal must be processed using cadmium, copper, Indians and emergency. You may need the collaboration of a farmer to grow solar vines, you will also need a Haz-Mat gauntlet to extract solanium, if you do everything right and hopefully the plant will give you 50 Solanium every 16 hours, it would be very interesting .

    What other way is there to get Solanium in No Man’s Sky

    There is only one other way to obtain Solanium in No Man's Sky and to be able to find or grow solar vines, it is that you must go to the various trading posts located in the galaxy, you must consult with the merchants in the space stations or deposits, of this So you can get Solanium among other vegetable products. This is a very valuable element, which is why it is very, very difficult to find.

    We hope that this guide has been useful to clarify your doubts in No Man’s Sky, and you can find or grow solar vines, remember that it is very difficult to find the Solanium, but if you follow the advice indicated it will be easier to do so.

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