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(Video) Ninjala - Season 5 Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Ninjala is available now on Nintendo Switch! https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail...

Gather around, all, and let us tell you the tale of the new season of Ninjala...

Season 5 of Ninjala has arrived! The theme is "Fairy Tales", and there will be a ton of costumes based on various fairy tales from around the globe! We've also got three new weapons arriving this season, so don't miss out!

Season 5 is all about welcoming new players to Ninjala, with a Beginners Campaign to bolster everyone's closet and a brand-new, fully fleshed out tutorial mode!

But that's not all, "Ninjala Strikers" is coming! The featured battle mode for Season 5 will introduce a new, exciting way to play Ninjala! You can also test your skills in a new in-game tournament mode being added this season as well!

All that and more! Season 5 of Ninjala will take place between March 25th and June 16th. Check out the video for the rest!

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