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(Video) Hood: Outlaws and Legends - "The Mystic" Character Gameplay Trailer | PS5, PS4

Hood: Outlaws and Legends: The Mystic controls the tides of battle in
new character gameplay trailer

Hood: Outlaws and Legends, the multiplayer PvPvE heist game from Sumo
Digital and Focus Home interactive, introduces in-depth gameplay of one
of the four playable classes available at launch. Matchmaking in
opposing teams of four, choose your character based on your preferred
playstyle, or what best fits your team’s strategy. In this game where
cooperation is key, your team’s composition can suit a stealthy
long-range approach, a brutal close combat heist or a balanced band of
Outlaws prepared for anything. Today, join game director Andrew Willans
in a new playable character gameplay trailer and discover The Mystic for
our last outlaw overview!

Bring divination and trickery to the battlefield

Trained at a young age to become an Inquisitor, the Mystic decided to
rebel against the government’s iron fist. Bringing mystical abilities to
the battlefield, The Mystic can inhale some of his incense to reveal
nearby enemies for a short period of time, as well as heal himself and
nearby allies. Use it to infiltrate interiors where guards could be
lurking around every corner, or refresh your allies during a big fight.
Meanwhile, his poisonous smoke bombs can bring unfortunate foes to their
knees - or be adapted with perks to heal allies in an area-of-effect.

The Mystic is also a capable melee fighter, with his deadly flail
letting him set the pace of combat. Swing it to create space or launch
the flail forward to perform a powerful mid-range attack, stunning
enemies for a short duration to create an opening for a follow-up.

Pre-order now for early access and cosmetics!

By pre-ordering today, you’ll get early access to Hood: Outlaws &
Legends starting May 7, as well as the Forest Lords cosmetic pack for
free. The Forest Lords pack includes a skin for each character and
weapon in the game. The Year 1 Edition is also available for pre-order,
giving access to Hood and three Battle Passes due to be released
post-launch, after the initial free Season.

Watch or rewatch the four Character Gameplay Trailers for a full
overview of the playable classes! Pre-order now on PlayStation 5 and
PlayStation 4 to get exclusive bonuses and early access to Hood: Outlaws
& Legends from May 7 - three days before the official release on
May 10.

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