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(Video) Ghost of Tsushima (PS5) 4K 60FPS HDR Gameplay

Ghost of Tsushima is a 2020 action-adventure game developed by Sucker
Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.
Featuring an open world, it follows Jin Sakai, a samurai on a quest to
protect Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan. The
game was released on July 17, 2020 for PlayStation 5. Ghost of Tsushima
received praise for its visuals and combat but was criticized for its
open world activities. Ghost of Tsushima received several award
nominations and wins.

Ghost of Tsushima is an action-adventure stealth game played from a
third-person perspective. The game features a large open world, without
waypoints, which can be explored without guidance.[1] Players can travel
to different parts of the world on horseback. An item that acts as a
grappling hook is available to access difficult to reach areas.[2] The
game features side quests and non-playable characters with which the
player can interact.[3]

Players can engage in direct confrontation with enemies using weapons
such as a tachi,[4] which can also be used to chain up a series of fatal
strikes after highlighting specific enemies. Alternatively, using
stealth allows to evade enemies and strike them silently with tools such
as firecrackers to create distractions, smoke bombs to disorient
alerted foes, and kunai for striking multiple enemies.[5] One-versus-one
dueling with non-playable characters is optional.[3]

Unlike most other games, the highest difficulty, "Lethal", is not a
difficulty in which enemies are especially difficult to cut down.
Rather, it is a more realistic mode in which the player and enemies do
massive damage to each other, with all non-boss fights ending in 1 or 2
successful cuts. This has been praised by various reviewers, and has
been noted to fundamentally change how the game is played.

A multiplayer mode titled Legends was released in late 2020. Players can
complete story missions based on Japanese mythology with another
player. A horde mode, in which players fight waves of enemies, is also
available for a group of four players. A raid is set to be added
post-Legends launch

PlayStation 4 PS4
Action-adventure, stealth
Sucker Punch Productions
Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation Store
Release date:
July 17, 2020
age rating:

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