(Video) Xbox Stream Collider | Episode 1 | How to Make a Mothman Omelette in Fallout 76 & IRL


In Nuclear Kitchen, the first episode of Stream Collider, YouTube creators Feast of Fiction and Mixer Partner Renée raced to be the first to cook a Mothman omelette in their native habitat – the kitchen and Fallout 76, respectively. It was no Mirelurk cake walk. They had to overcome radiation blindness, dozens of irradiated ticks, and a seemingly endless supply of bad catchphrases from our host Jon Gabrus. In the end, it was close, but only one technically took the W.

0:00 Warning, what you're about to see is a live experiment.
0:04 Oh, come on, a sickle.
0:07 We have no idea what's about to happen here.
0:09 This is my old pal Benny bones,
0:11 and this is all radiation poisoning.
0:13 But we hope that humanity will benefit from whatever does.
0:24 This is extreme collider.
0:25 Tonight's collision is called Nuclear kitchen.
0:27 My name is John Gibbers.
0:29 Let me introduce you to feast of fiction.
0:31 So happy to be here.
0:32 Yeah. In our native state,
0:34 which is in the kitchen and next to each other.
0:36 We got Renee. I am also in my most comfortable states, in the fallout world.
0:42 So, the first one to finish, wins.
0:44 Once I rip out my catchphrase,
0:46 that's when you guys begin, okay?
0:48 Let's get colliding.
0:50 All right. Let's go.
0:51 It's in the middle of the night and I get to go
0:53 look for a muffin eggs, which is going to be great.
0:55 Right now, we're cutting up some rattlesnake's sausage.
0:58 Actually rattlesnake sausage.
0:59 I'm slowly making my way to the Mothman Museum,
1:02 where I am sure I will find some of these delicious eggs.
1:05 Sausage is going in the pan, we're heating it up.
1:07 Yeah.
1:08 We're about to start cooking.
1:08 Do you feel comfortable
1:10 finding the Mothman yielding just a machete?
1:12 Well, I don't need to find him,
1:13 I just have to find his nest.
1:15 We're going to hit you with a chef's challenge.
1:18 I'm blind.
1:19 I can't see or hear anything literally in the dark.
1:22 I don't even know what's happening.
1:23 Renee has found a banjo.
1:26 Oh man, I was going to play the triangle
1:28 and I don't even know how to use it.
1:30 I have also found Mothman's sweet, sweet delicious eggs.
1:36 Wow!
1:36 Now that you've found Mothman egg,
1:38 I think we should reveal to you guys,
1:40 this is our Mothman egg.
1:43 Well, that sounds like a bad idea.
1:45 Oh, wow.
1:50 Oh, that was way grosser than I thought it was going to be.
1:59 So much egg in this egg.
2:01 That is a fat omelet.
2:03 Oh, look at this. I can make five omelets.
2:06 You made your omelet?
2:08 I made six.
2:09 You made six?
2:10 Guys, I think we have a tie.
2:13 Spoiler alert, I was not too far away the whole time.
2:17 Guys, we're colliding streams out here.
2:20 Wow, that's really good.
2:23 This is what it's like when streams collide.
2:26 Yeah.
2:28 I tried… I tried.