(Video) The Legacy of the Metro Universe


(Presented by Xbox One) It's been a few years since checked in on Artyom's journey through the Metro! Here's a quick refresher to get you ready for Metro Exodus!

0:00 [Music]
0:01 it's been five years since for a games
0:04 last journeyed into the subterranea of
0:06 post-apocalyptic Moscow with Metro last
0:08 lights but soon the next chapter of
0:09 Artyom story will be told when Metro
0:11 Exodus emerges in February as the title
0:14 suggests excellest will take players far
0:16 beyond the confines of the
0:17 claustrophobic metro system and across
0:19 the vast unforgiving Russian landscape
0:21 on a year-long journey to Vladivostok
0:23 with a five-year production time between
0:24 games you'll be forgiven for needing a
0:26 quick refresher on the story so allow us
0:28 to bring you up to speed at speed it's
0:35 2033 and the world has been ravaged by a
0:37 global nuclear holocaust in Russia's
0:39 capital Moscow survivors have retreated
0:41 to the underground metro system and
0:43 formed new communities and rival
0:45 factions life is hard especially as
0:47 their new home is also populated by
0:48 bloodthirsty mutants young Artyom's life
0:51 is forever changed when he's asked to
0:52 travel far from his home to polish at
0:54 the heart of the Metro to issue a
0:55 warning the dark ones are coming the
0:57 dark one suspected to be the next
0:59 evolution of mankind apparently cause
1:00 humans to suffer fatal hallucinations
1:02 but not Artyom this quark catches the
1:04 eye of this guy bourbon he teams up with
1:06 Artyom and teaches him survival lessons
1:08 on route to his next destination DRI
1:10 station there bourbon is almost
1:12 immediately killed by the leader of a
1:13 bandit faction this is not one of the
1:15 survival lessons down a friend Artyom
1:17 gets a new one con he's a member of the
1:19 Spartan Rangers were exactly the guys
1:21 our team's tried to warn about the Dark
1:23 One's together they journey to polish
1:25 fighting through the Communist redline
1:26 the Nazi 4th Reich and even sentient
1:29 electric bulbs Artyom finally reaches
1:31 PI's and finds his target Miller head of
1:33 the Spartan Rangers Miller agrees that
1:35 the Dark One's are a threat the Polish
1:37 council not so much
1:38 Miller helps anyway and directs Artyom
1:40 to d6 a nuclear missile launch facility
1:42 that could once again scorch Moscow and
1:44 all the Dark One's with it
1:45 one problem nobody knows where it is
1:47 Artyom goes to the library a huge
1:49 archive full of librarians not the
1:51 bookish shashi kind but massive
1:53 intelligent music gorillas who love a
1:54 good stare down Artyom finally looks
1:56 enough of them in the eye to locate the
1:58 directions to d6
1:59 the last leg of this exhausting Odyssey
2:01 has our team extracting nuclear fuel
2:02 rods from a giant sagging flesh pile
2:04 called the biomass climbing to 540
2:06 tall Austin Kino broadcast tower and
2:08 being trapped in his own
2:09 subconsciousness by the dark ones
2:11 nobody said wiping out an entire species
2:13 was easy but Artyom persists and
2:15 successfully rains their nuclear fire on
2:16 the dark ones which is a pity because it
2:18 turns out they just wanted to be friends
2:20 a year later and word reaches Artyom of
2:26 a surviving Dark One can't think said
2:28 the key t manatee survival Miller
2:29 doesn't he tells our team to find and
2:32 kill the dark one with the help of
2:33 master sniper and his daughter Anna
2:35 Artyom finds the dark one but that's
2:37 just a kid they're both captured by the
2:38 Nazi Reich and separated but Artyom is
2:41 quickly rescued by Pavel more Azov a red
2:43 line grunts the pair form a close bond
2:45 until twist
2:46 Pavel reveals is actually a high-ranking
2:48 Red Line officer together with Red Line
2:50 general Corbett and treacherous Spartan
2:52 Ranger Lissitzky
2:53 he plans to take d6 by force tortured
2:56 and facing execution Artyom is saved by
2:58 a Leonid Musquin son of the red lines
3:00 leader he escapes and battles his way to
3:02 octobrush kya station where he discovers
3:04 a terrible secret the red line plans to
3:06 infect stations with a powerful strain
3:08 of the Ebola virus stolen from d6 and
3:10 then murdered the survivors until
3:11 they're the only remaining faction
3:13 Artyom reunites with and romances Ana
3:15 goes on a surreal Vision Quest with Khan
3:17 and resolves to protect the young Dark
3:19 One throughout this there are two major
3:21 revelations young Artyom is not only the
3:23 reason mutants got into the metro but
3:25 also the first person to meet a Dark One
3:27 one thrilling train rescue later and
3:29 Artyom and the dark one child are back
3:31 on the road to Polly's once there they
3:33 interrupt to peace settlements between
3:35 the major feuding factions to drop some
3:36 bombs truth not nuclear for once the red
3:39 lines leader is psychically coerced into
3:41 revealing their diabolical scheme and
3:43 all hell breaks loose
3:44 general Corbett smashes an armored train
3:46 straight into Artyom and the Rangers and
3:48 all hope appears to be lost
3:50 but then just as an injured our team is
3:52 about to self-destruct c6 a whole group
3:54 of Dark One's arrive in the nick of time
3:56 and wipe out the red line the young Dark
3:58 One and his fellow survivors bid our
4:00 team a fond farewell and promise to one
4:02 day return which brings us to the end of
4:04 our team story so far a story that will
4:07 continue
4:07 in Metro Exodus what we know is that
4:09 it's set to years after the events of
4:11 last lights and that Artyom and Anna are
4:13 now traveling cross-country along the
4:15 trans-siberian railway
4:17 why have they abandoned Metro what new
4:19 dangers will they face all will no doubt
4:21 be revealed when Metro Exodus launches
4:24 February 15 2019
4:29 [Music]