(Video) The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan : Dev Diary #1 – Designing the Ghost Ship (Part 2)


"There are two sides to the personality of the Ghost ship” …If you dare, delve further inside the Ghost Ship and learn what makes it such a foreboding, malevolent place to be. #ManofMedan coming to Xbox One in 2019.

0:22 There are two sides to the personality of the ghost ship.
0:25 Sometimes it’s a malevolent force and other times it’s a neutral force.
0:28 But it's always there in the scene, always talking to the character,
0:31 always shifting, its metal hulk is always creaking.
0:36 The ship is responding to the waves outside, the environment outside
0:40 and we try and bring this into the environment for the player
0:43 when they are inside the ship.
0:46 What was that noise?
0:48 What we wanted the player to feel when they were going around the ghost ship
0:51 was to have a very spooky, damp and cold feel
0:56 but not yet knowing what was round the corner.
0:59 The lights on the ship fail and fade so areas are really dark and silhouetted.
1:05 We wanted it to feel like a dungeon and so we had chains rattling
1:08 and there is smoke and mist and all of these atmospheric
1:11 clues to horror films so that’s what we wanted to exist inside of the ship.
1:16 So it’s a matter of exploration into the depths of the ship
1:19 and as you get deeper we wanted the emotions
1:21 to get more and more intense.
1:24 The characterisation and the sounds
1:25 that the characters are making in the environment
1:27 is really key to conveying the sense of decay.
1:29 They are walking around the environment in bare feet
1:31 and the sounds they make as their feet hit the environment
1:34 has to be sharp, edgy, rusty and dusty,
1:36 it’s a really hard sound to recreate.
1:41 Every tap on a bulk head, every brush past a wall
1:45 all has to convey that sense of decay
1:47 and that roughness, that real kind of sense of a hostile environment,
1:51 it’s a great environment for horror.
1:54 The way the ship is built there’s lots of unique areas
1:57 that you wouldn’t normally find in everyday sets,
2:00 such as very long tight corridors
2:01 and they can present somewhat of a challenge
2:04 when you are thinking about how to shoot in there.
2:06 But you can use that to your advantage by
2:08 making shots that work in there, that then lend a certain character to it.
2:13 So for example we used very short lenses to deal with those wide corridors
2:17 which then gave it a nice distorted feel at times
2:20 and a very acute angle to some of the shots which creates a certain tension
2:24 which was actually really fitting for those scenes on the ghost ship.
2:27 Where are you taking me?
2:29 Now why would I tell you?
2:30 It’s a nice mixture between the uniformity of the military style structure
2:34 and also the chaos of something that is old and creepy
2:37 and has been overtaken by nature a little bit.
2:40 The decay of the ship,
2:41 the state of decay, the rustiness
2:43 is conveyed not only through the great artwork
2:45 but its how the characters sound when they interact with that environment.
2:49 It all needs to offer that sharp edginess
2:51 and that’s a great environment for horror.