(Video) Share the Games, Share the Love


This holiday season, take the time to share a moment of gaming with the people you love. Some great stories can come out of moments like this.

0:00 Hey, my name is Alex hi, my name is Lynn. Hi, my name is Dylan. I'm from Sacramento, California
0:10 I've always had this friend named horrible
0:12 I've been playing Rainbow six siege with him and my other friend Coulson for a long time his real name's Mike
0:18 But we just called horrible because that's what we know we never met in person
0:22 And a one-time Coulson almost joke and they brought it up that we should go visit, Hawaii
0:27 The idea will be started snowballing and it became a real plan
0:31 When eventually decide we packed my car up full of luggage and food and snacks
0:41 It was a 29 hour drive, but who is extremely long a little bit dreadful
0:46 But it's something I wouldn't trade for the world when we finally got to Ottawa in that horrible
0:51 He was a lot taller than we imagined good cool
0:57 We spent the week in Ottawa
0:58 We spent the days exploring the city of Ottawa and spent the nights playing Rainbow six siege all night
1:05 It was a great week. We do plan on going again in March, which I'm really looking forward to
1:11 When I was younger about 11 or so, my best friend Chris was diagnosed with cancer
1:15 It was a very difficult time for both of us and it didn't make any sense
1:19 Whenever I would visit and we'd play board games or read books
1:22 Eventually, we had the idea of bringing video games. We brought a Playstation 2 and that single box completely transparent with a broom
1:30 He was no longer a cancer patient. I was no longer his visitor
1:34 We could truly escape that situation and experience things that we really needed to experience at that time
1:41 We're super spies and who astronauts?
1:45 Fast forward to high school. I was looking at volunteer opportunities
1:48 So my friends and I we had the idea of starting a video game charity
1:51 We would use the games that we enjoy to make other people smile
1:56 So eventually we raised enough money to go on our first business and we went to an assisted living facility
2:01 And we played video games with people that were over the age of 8
2:05 We were able to go on a roller coaster together go scuba diving go on the moon and it was just a magical moment
2:12 So a couple of years ago
2:13 I brought my husband home to Calgary for Christmas and
2:17 It was really important that you get along with my family because I come from a really tight-knit family and we're very very close
2:23 We're always doing things together. And one of the things that we do together a lot is actually game together
2:30 Despite my efforts
2:31 They weren't bonding as much as I wanted them to
2:34 So on Christmas morning while my husband is sitting in the living room
2:39 I'm cooking Christmas dinner with my sister and when I'm all deep in the turkey
2:44 I hear my family screaming and just getting loud I panic and I just go up running into the living room
2:50 There is my stepdad who has really never taken advice from anybody in a day of his life because he's mr
2:58 fire chief for fire something of the Calgary fire department
3:02 and
3:03 Bears playing giving
3:06 advice to my
3:08 First time in the years I sizzling the skin he hit his mark and I said game by myself
3:15 I call that joy that he was having and I recognized it and I loved it and and everyone was cheering
3:21 I just saw happy because I saw them finally connect by the time we all sat down on the beginner
3:28 we did it as family and
3:30 Everything I ever wanted