(Video) Resident Evil 2: Leon Gameplay – Familiar Faces


Get a closer look at some of the familiar faces you'll see and sinister places you'll go as Leon attempts to survive the nightmare of Raccoon City, including gameplay featuring Ada Wong.

0:11 - Is that the intel you needed? - Unfortunately no. Ben didn't come through.
0:17 - Well... what exactly are you looking for? - More info on the people responsible for this mess. What about you? Trying to save the world?
0:27 - I told Lieutenant Branagh I'd bring help. - Good luck getting that.
0:41 - Don't move. - I'm not going to hurt you.
0:43 - I said, don't move! -I'm just passing through. I'm going to ask you to lower that weapon. -Like hell you are.
1:03 It's secret weapon time.
1:06 [BEEP]
1:19 It's like taking candy from a baby.
2:18 What the hell?!?