(Video) Path of Exile: Betrayal


Path of Exile: Betrayal will be released on Xbox One 10th December, 2018!

0:07 The ancient code of life and death is broken.
0:13 A devious plan of necromancy,
0:15 Unrelenting,
0:16 and frighteningly efficient.
0:20 They call themselves
0:22 the Immortal Syndicate.
0:34 I will do as you ask
0:35 so long as you spare me.
0:43 I've nothing to hide.
0:44 Only strength matters.
0:52 Go on,
0:53 do it.
1:01 Cold-blooded betrayal.
1:03 That's what I offer.
1:56 They claim they are immortal.
1:58 We must prove
2:00 they are not.
2:09 In the Betrayal League, you'll team up with Jun Ortoi to bring down the Immortal Syndicate.
2:14 The Syndicate has four divisions,
2:16 each with its own goals.
2:19 Fortification
2:20 Transportation
2:22 Research
2:23 and Intervention
2:25 In each area, you will encounter a Syndicate member.
2:31 Other members can show up
2:32 to aid their friends or sabotage their enemies.
2:37 When the battle is complete,
2:38 you must decide how to continue your investigation.
2:52 Bargain, execute, interrogate
2:53 and even induce them to betray each other.
3:00 Your goal is to gain intelligence
3:01 leading to the captains of each division.
3:07 Raid their safehouses to pillage their supplies
3:09 and uncover the ultimate identity of the Immortal Syndicate's mastermind.
3:15 Each Syndicate member stores different item types in their safehouse living quarters.
3:19 High-ranked members will have better items.
3:21 Each division has a different twist on item rewards.
3:24 You will want to manipulate the Syndicate,
3:26 maneuvering certain members into positions
3:28 that are going to be the most rewarding for you.
3:31 Syndicate members can drop Veiled items.
3:33 Take these to Jun
3:34 and pick from one of three options for the veiled mod.
3:40 In Betrayal, the old cohort of Forsaken Masters have mysteriously vanished.
3:45 Together, Einhar, Alva, Niko, Jun and Zana
3:48 have taken over as the new Masters.
3:51 Their league content has become the new master missions,
3:53 including a simplified version of Bestiary
3:55 where Einhar will net beasts for you.
3:58 This expansion contains many other features,
4:00 such as mastercrafting that doesn't require grinding master levels,
4:04 a unified hideout system
4:06 and new skills.
4:07 Check out pathofexile.com/betrayal to find out more!