(Video) Override: Mech City Brawl – Mech DLC #2: Maestro


MECH SOME NOISE for Override’s second downloadable mech, MAESTRO! https://www.overridegame.com

has hit the arena, bringing melodic disorder to everything around him.
With the ability to summon musical notes that dance around him and
unleash various effects, he'll soon have his opponents singing a
different tune.

Piloted by a toymaker who wishes for nothing more
than to break away from the monotony of a mundane, digital world,
Maestro’s notes can be summoned in different combinations to spark
unexpected mayhem. He can cause enemies to overheat and slow down
significantly, giving him the upper hand in combat, or use his Ultimate
to perform a symphonic beatdown!

Maestro is available now for download as part of Override’s Super Charged Mega Edition or for $3.99 on his own.

Don’t already have Override: Mech City Brawl? You can grab it now on PlayStation 4.
$29.99 - Standard Edition
$39.99 - Super Charged Mega Edition
Buy now: http://www.overridegame.com