(Video) OVERRIDE: MECH CITY BRAWL – Mech DLC #1: Stardust


Override: Mech City Brawl is available now, and so is the first downloadable mech, STARDUST!

Armed with hooves of steel and a giant drill for a horn, get ready to unleash rainbow-tinted destruction with Override’s first downloadable mech! With a strong aerial game, shooting star projectiles, and mobility befitting her robo-equine nature, Stardust excels at keeping the pressure high and the combat fast-paced. Couple this with a horn that transforms into a massive drill to decimate the competition, and get ready to go beyond the impossible!

Stardust is available now for free as part of Override’s Super Charged Mega Edition or for $3.99 on her own.

Don’t already have Override: Mech City Brawl? You can grab it now on Xbox One.
$29.99 - Standard Edition
$39.99 - Super Charged Mega Edition