(Video) Nintendo Switch Online - February Game Updates


On February 13, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Kirby’s Adventure will be
available to play anytime and anywhere on Nintendo Entertainment System™
– Nintendo Switch Online.

Super Mario Bros. 2 – Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Toad embark
on a quest together to save the day against the villainous Wart. Pick up
items and throw them at your adversaries to clear levels in seven
fantastical worlds. Even enemies can be picked up and tossed across the
screen. Each character has a unique set of abilities: Luigi can jump
higher and farther than any of the other characters, Toad can dig
extremely fast and pull items out of the ground quicker than anyone, and
the princess is the only one who can jump and hover temporarily. This
unique installment in the Mario series will keep you coming back for

Kirby’s Adventure – Not everything is well in Dream Land. For some
mysterious reason, the Dream Spring, a magical well that is the
reservoir for all the dreams of the citizens of Dream Land, is no longer
working. Everyone is being subjected to their worst nightmares every
time they go to sleep. Upon reaching the Dream Spring, Kirby finds out
that evil King Dedede has stolen the Star Rod, thus depriving Dream Land
of the magical energy that feeds its spring. Using 20 unique tricks and
your ability to steal your enemies' powers by swallowing them, you'll
have to make your way through a horrific land filled with all kinds of
nightmares. Recover the broken pieces of the Star Rod, and everyone in
Dream Land will sleep peacefully once again. If you fail, the citizens
of Dream Land will be subjected to a lifetime of terrible nightmares.