(Video) Kane Brown Lives Out His Dream on Xbox Live Sessions


Country music star, Kane Brown joins us for an episode of Xbox Live Sessions to show off his skills in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and discusses his brand-new song, Homesick. Watch him play blackout, multiplayer and more. Stay tuned till the end to learn how Dan Goldenberg and the Call of Duty Endowment help veterans find quality jobs.

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0:05 >>I'm usually go all in. I don't like that camping I hate camping.
0:10 I hate campers in general.
0:13 That's the people who make me scream at my TV.
0:16 [MUSIC]
0:33 >> Hi.
0:33 Welcome to Xbox Live session.
0:35 I'm your host, Catarina.
0:36 So, today's session is super special.
0:39 We have country music star, Kane Brown,
0:41 joining us whose new album Experiment just actually released.
0:46 Later in the show, we'll also have
0:48 a special guest talking about the Call of