(Video) Firewall Zero Hour – Free Game Trial with PS Plus | PS VR


Join the Firewall Zero Hour Free Game Trial with PS Plus*, January 18 - 20!

Firewall Zero Hour, available now on PS VR.

is everything in this intense squad-based shooter – put on your
PlayStation VR headset, gather an arsenal of equipment, and prepare for
blistering combat. Choose from 12 experienced mercenaries and
familiarize yourself with upgradeable weapons. Will you lock and load
with the attacking squadron, tasked to obtain valuable data in a hostile
environment? Or will you be on the frontlines of the defending team,
making sure the data is kept out of enemy hands by any means necessary?

An internet connection is required for all modes of Firewall Zero Hour, including Single Player Training Mode.
*An active PS Plus membership is required for limited game trial, Multiplayer Training and Multiplayer Contract modes.