(Video) Battlefield V: Inside Tides of War


Xbox visits DICE to talk to the developers and learn more about Battlefield V’s Tides of War. New Experiences. More ways to play.
Never be the same.

Battlefield V is out now, and Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture has just dropped, free to anyone who owns Battlefield V.
Play it now on Xbox One.

0:04 Battlefield V we have plans for
0:06 longer term engagement for players.
0:08 So, we've got more comprehensive plan
0:12 than I think we ever had before.
0:13 So, the big focus for us is making sure that the plans
0:16 have both a combination of new content for players,
0:19 evolving Gameplay for players,
0:21 just new things to do on a
0:22 consistent basis and making sure that there's
0:24 a higher cadence of frequency of stuff to do for
0:28 players to keep them engaged for
0:29 a longer period of time than we've ever had before.
0:31 With Battlefield V, one of the big things we've done this
0:33 we want to make sure that all players who come
0:35 and join us from the moment they open up
0:37 the box can partake in the whole service journey that we have.
0:40 So, there is no more premium pass,
0:42 it is free from the moment you get in.
0:44 Then, players will be able to enjoy that Gameplay evolution,
0:48 enjoy that new content
0:49 unlike previous games before
0:51 when they've actually had to pay to enjoy new content.
0:53 So, the first Chapter that players will experience
0:56 will come early December.
0:59 That chapter is called Overture to signify
1:03 the coming of the war in Battlefield V,
1:07 and here, we're going to have some really cool new features.
1:09 This is where you're going to get visual customization.
1:11 So, you'll be able to customize your tanks
1:13 with new looks just like you can
1:14 do with your weapons and your soldiers.
1:16 Were going to be introducing the Practice Range,
1:19 which is an experience for players to go in with
1:23 friends and test out different weapons and different vehicles.
1:27 We're going to have a whole bunch of new cosmetics
1:29 for players to join and participate through as they
1:31 partake in this chapter and these
1:32 events and these weekly activities that they're
1:35 going to focus in for the first few weeks is
1:37 going to be all around that core package.
1:39 They will really showcase
1:40 the new features that we've put in the game for them.
1:42 Then as we move forward to January,
1:44 we start to introduce the next chapter which will run
1:47 for a bit longer than the first one called Lightening Strikes.
1:49 That's going to focus on mechanized sermon,
1:53 that mechanized warfare that
1:54 players have seen from the History Channel of World War II.
1:58 So, I think that's the big things that we're going see
2:00 there with a whole bunch of new features coming there as well.