(Video) Assassin's Creed Odyssey: December Monthly Update


Welcome to our new Monthly Update Video Series where you will find out what’s coming up each month in #AssassinsCreedOdyssey.

0:05 Hi everyone and welcome to our second monster bed video
0:08 I'm Laureline community developer on Assassin's Creed and today we will discuss what is coming to Odyssey in December, but first
0:15 It's my pleasure to welcome our special guest creative director. Jonathan Dumont. Hello, Jo. Hi Laureline. I'm glad to be here
0:21 We have a lot of cool content coming up this month today
0:24 We would like to give you a taste of all the awesome new content. We will be adding to the game in December
0:30 Let's start with the first episode of the legacy of the first leg DLC that just came out
0:37 The first episode of the DLC hunted is now available to play in this brand new story arc
0:43 You will be joining forces with the man who wielded the first hidden blade
0:47 Darius, and that's not all this is just the first piece of the story two other episodes will be released early next year
0:54 To play it
0:55 You just have to be level 28 and have completed chapter 7 of your Odyssey
0:59 If you haven't seen it yet check out the trailer. We'll release last week to learn more
1:03 December is not just about Darius We also have a lot of new free content coming your way. Let's have a look
1:14 Now that you've proved your acting skills in the show must go on and
1:17 Successfully tackle your task in a divine intervention
1:20 It is time for you to set up on the whole new challenge in this new quest line the image of faith
1:26 You will meet the famous sculptor polykleitos in Arcadia and figure out how to interact with a village that Revere's you as a god
1:33 Will you feed their devotion or demystify yourself in front of their eyes as always an odyssey?
1:38 It's all about your choices and we can't wait to see what you do
1:42 Remember as for previous loss tales that you made your face is free for everyone
1:47 It will become available after you reach a peace of five and can be played whenever you want
1:56 Every day, we are excited to discover the many stunning pictures our community sharing
2:02 portraying the most extraordinary
2:04 Adventures in ancient Greece you may have noticed that we updated the photo mode recently to give your photos that extra pizzazz
2:11 We've added some really interesting visual effects like fog and bloom and if you want to take your creations to the next level
2:17 Be sure to try the improve autofocus system and the new photo grid options
2:22 We are soon opening our first community photo mode contest
2:26 Starting December 10th submit your best photo on the given theme for a chance to win a Spartan collector edition of Assassin's Creed Odyssey
2:34 From December 10th, you will have a week to enter the competition. May the best photographers win?
2:44 To support your naval exploration and lead your crew this December
2:48 Ubisoft club is coming back with a new legacy reward for everyone you will be able to recruit the rooks
2:54 Gang members from Victorian London as crew members for Dia de Castilla as a World rector on Assassin's Creed syndicate
3:01 I must say that I'm really looking forward to this new reward to unlock and that's not all later this month
3:07 you will be able to go for ghost with a celestial pack which includes a new gear set a
3:13 ghostly mount and a new deadly weapon
3:16 It will release alongside the celestial navel pack which will contain a new ship design a new crew theme and a new figurehead
3:24 And like oliver packs those items will be available both in the store and add the Aiko's of the engines
3:35 Now it's time for me to ask you some of the most frequently asked questions from the community are you ready absolutely
3:42 Let's do it
3:43 We have amazing players that are enjoying everything as I since with aa DC has to offer
3:48 Many of them already reached the maximum level and with the recent level cap increase they can keep on progressing even further
3:55 What do we have in store for them next well like in origins
3:58 We wanted to give players ways to continue to progress beyond the level cap
4:03 So at level 50 you will have access to a new menu called
4:06 mastery level with the mastery level players can spend their ability points on a wide Verity of purchase - but their hunter warrior or
4:15 assassin stats and abilities as you can see there's a lot to choose from
4:19 Another topic that often comes up in the community are the weekly contracts
4:23 I think there are some news on that front - yeah
4:25 We've worked on brand new weekly contracts which will offer more diverse objectives
4:30 pushing you to vary your build and play style which each new challenge a
4:37 Special Odyssey event
4:38 we start later this month in Assassin's Creed rebellion giving you the possibility to recruit Cassandra and
4:45 Alexis to find the Templars alongside eights you agilar and charity if you haven't tried yet
4:51 Assassin's Creed rebellion is our new mobile game that just launched worldwide on November 21st. Don't miss out
4:58 The status event is only on for a limited time
5:06 It looks like the month of December is full of amazing content for Assassin's Creed Odyssey
5:10 Thank you very much for joining us and answering our questions always my pleasure. Thanks for having
5:15 Thank you very much for watching. See you in 2019 for a new monthly update video!