(Video) ANTHEM Game - New Trailer & Gameplay | Upcoming Game 2019 - Xbox-One, PS4, PC


"In a world that the gods left unfinished, the human being struggles to survive in a wild environment Equipped with halberds, incredible armored exotrajes, the faction known as the libranceros tries to tip the balance in favor of humanity.

BioWare offers us a new spectacular videogame which they have called Anthem, it is an excellent RPG without being so, many classify it rather as a live action and adventure game, which goes by the same Destiny line, Do not say they are the same.

In Anthem, each player plays as a freelancer within a scenario of a city protected by walls called Fort Tarsis, each player can be equipped with special suits called Javelins, and those suits are classified is: Ranger, Colossus, the Interceptor and the Storm

They are powerful armor equipped with propulsion and weapons that allow you the speed and firepower you will need to complete your missions. The javelins are made by hand by the meticulous work of the arcanists, and only expert pilots can unlock the full potential of their adventures.

What's your use Ranger Javelin in ANTHEM

Javelin costumes are the key to survival in the harsh wilderness outside of Fort Tarsis. The Ranger Javelin is the first one you will dress in and when you become an expert pilot you will enjoy it to its full potential

Every player of Anthem must start training with Ranger, this is due to a very simple reason; It is much easier to use and also offers more versatility

The Ranger Javelin has a lot of tricks, with access to a variety of weapon types.

What's your use Colossus Javelin in ANTHEM

The freelancer can use the Colossus when they want a huge war machine designed to clean whole hives of the vicious predatory fauna with mounted artillery, heavy weapons or even, yes, a flamethrower.

What's your use Interceptor Javelin

This javelin is much more stylized and more compared to the colossus, this suit is designed to inflict damage and weaken your enemies, and flee before they react, is equipped with powerful blades and a complete set of devastating skills

What's your use Storm Javelin

Storm uses a powerful technology known as "seals" to increase the latent kinetic powers of its lancer. The result is a javelin that can float effortlessly on the ground.

▪Release Date: Feb 22, 2019
▪Platform: Xbox-One, PS4, PC