(Video) Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands: Special Operation 3


Scott Mitchell is back in Ghost Recon Wildlands: Special Operation 3: Future Soldier. Get access to new weapons, new icons, new PVP classes, and more starting 12.11.18.


0:03 MAN 1 (ON RADIO): Nomad.
0:04 MAN 2 (ON RADIO): Long time no see, boss.
0:07 MAN 1 (ON RADIO): They discovered uranium lurking
0:09 under all those plants.
0:10 And they started mining it.
0:12 MAN 2 (ON RADIO): Shit.
0:13 MAN 1 (ON RADIO): We have a ghost on the ground there.
0:18 That kid there might as green as a coca leaf.
0:20 But when it comes to soldiers like us, he's the future.
0:24 Hold on.
0:25 [TICKING]
0:27 We have a situation.