(Video) Omen of Sorrow - Erzsébet Trailer | Free Season 1 Characters


Introducing Erzsébet! The first of four free characters in season 1 of content updates! Erzsébet will be added to the Omen of Sorrow roster in January 2019.

About Erzsébet

Countess Erzsébet Bathory came to admire Vladislav III to the point of obsession. Hearing legends and stories about his mythical vampirism, sadism, and power, she strove to follow his lead. Obsessed with blood, eternal youth and the occult, Erzsébet revived the Order of the Dragon, but corrupted its purpose in the process. Instead of collecting magical artifacts for keeping them out of humanity’s hands, she does so to further her goals and her imaginary idols.

About Omen of Sorrow

Omen of Sorrow is a four-button fighting game inspired by classical horror, fantasy and iconic myths and legends. Players can find themselves battling in various dangerous and gloomy places, such as a raging forest fire or a sinister castle. Omen of Sorrow also features 12 legendary characters, such as the half-angel Gabriel and the strong but unlucky hunchback Quasimodo. All characters are connected by an intricate storyline full of internal struggles, spite and malice.