(Video) Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 — Operation Absolute Zero


Operation Absolute Zero introduces an all-new Specialist, Zero, as well as Hijacked to Blackout, and much more. Play Operation Absolute Zero content for free starting on 12/18. #BlackOps4

Call of Duty: Black Ops Operation Absolute Zero, the most important update to date, is already played on PS4. And what does that bring to the player?

In essence, Black Ops 4 will reinforce with its new contents and activities its three main modes (multiplayer, Battle Royale and Zombies) through events, new functions, the entry into the scene of Zero (a new specialist) and a good assortment of new features.

Zero as Multiplayer

Zero, comes to the multiplayer and Battle Royale and, although we are talking about a hacker, it is really lethal. Among his abilities, he can hinder his enemies in combat.

Along with Zero come new weapons cams, reactive cams, new unlockable grids and three new multiplayer weapons through the Black Market.

Blackout mode

Four characters have been added to the Blackout mode: the referred Zero (from the Black Market) and four characters that can be unlocked from the Zombies mode. In addition, more customization elements and weapons have been added.

As for the news of PS4, has added a new destination in the northwest of the map inspired by the classical scenario of Hijacked. And, by the way, a new vehicle has been added: the very armored ARAV with turret included.

1- Daily Callings offers daily challenges that add extra XP among other rewards.
2- Black Ops Authenticity Stamp is a system to verify and share the results of the online game.
3- With Daily Tier Skip for Zombies our progress in the Zombies mode will be reflected in the Black Market.

Treyarch has taken advantage of the Operation Absolute Zero update to update the Black Market. In addition to the previous developments (including the specialist Zero) new categories of articles and new and more diverse articles have been included.

Although they are available in the Sony console, it is expected in less than a month to be available to users of Xbox One and PC.

Put another way: whatever your favorite Call of Duty experience: Black Ops 4, you have the perfect excuse to get involved in another way and, by the way, keep an eye on the re-planted Black Market.

Trailer Transcription
0:13 Commencing System Intrusion
0:24 Activating Disruptor
0:28 Enemy Sentry Deleted
0:58 Hijacking Session
1:24 Icepick Online
1:25 Commencing System Intrusion
1:31 We Are Done Here