(Video) 2MD: VR Football Head 2 Head Edition - Release PSVR


2MD: VR Football Head 2 Head Edition is now available as a FREE update for 2MD on PlayStation®VR.

• Two player games are extended to 5 minutes, with each player switching roles with every turnover, interception, or score.
• The defending player can adjust AI behaviors of their cornerbacks, defensive backs, and linebackers with strategies such as zone, blitz, and more.
• Cycle between linemen and defensive backs, or use the action buttons to ‘quick-switch’ between key defenders, including the player closest to where the QB is currently looking in VR!
• Special teams are now available on 4th down as well, enabling the ability to punt as well as take advantage of the 'field goal throw.'
• Both players can customize team logo, colors, and draw up plays before taking the field.
• Draw the plays, call the shots, and run, pass, or hand off the ball in a ground-breaking arcade experience rebuilt from the ground up for PS VR.