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Angel Marquez
2020-10-15 16:45:17

More about: Torchlight 3

Find out how to play with friends in this excellent and explanatory guide to Torchlight 3.

What to know about playing with friends in Torchlight 3?

It is possible to play with friends in this game with a total of 4 people joining our game, but there are some complicated situations if we are playing on PC, in general, considering these factors, we need to be clear about how to play with friends and from that will order the following content, let's see it.

How to play with friends in Torchlight 3?

When we find ourselves playing alone and we want to play with our friends, it is necessary that we go to the main menu and follow the instructions below:

  • In the main menu we choose multiplayer
  • We make the choice of our characters or we create one
  • After it loads we will go to the social menu by pressing P
  • We go to the friends tab if we are on Steam
  • We locate the person we want to join our game
  • We enter the party next to the name of this and an invitation will be sent.

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While on Steam it happens that sometimes the list of friends is not working well, so it is necessary to go to the party tab to search by name, we have this option in the tab on the left of steam friends, we write your name in the same way as it is displayed on Steam and it should receive the invitation, now if we are the guests we will go through the instructions indicated earlier in the list, only we will go to the social tab and under party we will find the invitation pending, if we accept we will be joining the games of our friends, considering the current level of our friend to which we will join, already knowing how to play with friends, if we have that our level is lower than theirs brings difficulties because the experience to win is possible while we are alive, otherwise we obtain nothing, being a somewhat cruel characteristic if we have a friend or we are at a lower level, the story progress depends on both of us being in the same place in Torchlight 3.

In conclusion, knowing how to play with friends is excellent because we can improve our fun and progress in Torchlight 3, a very busy game.

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