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Angel Marquez
2020-09-08 16:01:38

More about: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is a very lively game and today it leads us to discover Where to find Downhill Jam valve.

What to know about Downhill Jam in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

It is one of the levels that bring great difficulty in the game, but it is passable if we have the knowledge of where to go, this time we have one of the challenges in the level that consists of finding 5 valves, it is important to have the adequate control of our skater to be successful in this task, but to support us we will have this guide, which focuses on the solution to Where to find Downhill Jam valve and therefore we will also follow the answers closely to see what we find.

Where to find Downhill Jam valve in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 2?

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As soon as we start the level it is necessary that we go to our right and go through the 2 bars and at the end of these we will find the first of the valves, following we will find a ramp that we must avoid in order to notice another ramp in which we have the second valve, if we can say that it is the easiest to get of all, now for the next one we will continue on the left side of the map, until we reach a slow ramp to go up where a tube is located. allows us to reach the third of the valves, here an explosion of water comes out through the middle tube, it is necessary to continue our way up the hill in the center and thus we will go down a ramp with depth to get the fourth valve while we jump in the right moment, after we have it we go through the fifth and last valve, for this we will continue to the left before we meet the water, when going down it is necessary to go through the wall and hit it to get the final valve, being our downward journey is more complicated but with trying on some additional occasions we will achieve it, in this way the challenge will be completed and we continue to progress.

In conclusion, knowing where to find Downhill Jam valve is excellent because we can progress in this incredible and moved game such as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2.

Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1 + 2, THPS
Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4 PS4, Xbox One
Extreme sports
Vicarious Visions
Unreal Engine
Release date:
September 4, 2020
Single-player, Multiplayer
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