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The Most recents tips

We present you the new image of Pokémon GO and the Trainer Combats

Pokemon Go presented last December 13 the combats of trainer, where an evolution in the confrontations in the gymnasiums and incursions, made a remarkable change if we observe well in the combats by turns of the main saga of Pokémon. We explain all the details on how to start fighting, types of leagues, tips and so on and now it's time to offer our impressions after making several confrontations, how does Pokémon Go change with the arrival of the fighting?
2018-12-20 21:24:07

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion announced that The DLC of Minor Factions is free

Last week the DLC of Sins of a Solar Empire was announced: Rebellion appeared right on today's calendar, and to help convince you that Stardock gives away the base game on Steam until December 19.
2018-12-18 03:26:29

Fallout 76. The player learns to fly.

Since Fallout 76 came out for the liking of the players allowed the use of the tricks of the console command which allows you to perform different tricks such as walking the walls and fly this is only for a single player this can be done in Fallout using The mutations and you can achieve it with the help of other players, a player called TYR discovered how you could fly alone using the correct combinations of mutations.
2018-12-18 02:44:29

By using the nickname Kike Bannean the user then manages to recover his account.

PlayStation Network, prohibits the use of offensive names, although if it becomes viral, Sony has no difficulty making the return of the account according to the user's policies.We have the case of a user who was called Jihad, Sony deleted his account but seeing that it went viral allows him to use Nick.
2018-12-02 23:16:43

Fornite Challenges: 10 or more points on the clown boards

The fornite brings many special challenges and that of clown boards is one of them, here we tell you how to achieve it
2018-12-02 23:17:11

Fornite: How To Get 30 Seconds In Air With a Vehicle?

One of the challenges Fornite for week 9 is to get 30 seconds in the air with a vehicle.
2018-12-02 23:18:03

Fortnite Build Battle Tips

The ONLY 21 Fortnite Construction Tips you'll NEVER need | LEARN EVERYTHING about winning construction battles.
2018-12-02 23:19:48

New: Fornite Battle Royale Western Style

When you hear these words Campfire, Bandages, First aid kits, Dynamite (novelty), Sorbet, Sliding shotgun, Double-barreled shotgun and six-round revolver; what are you thinking about?
2018-12-02 23:19:58