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Today we focus on TikTok and it is with the aim of explaining how to recover a suspended account

What is TikTok?

This is nothing more than a simply viral music video platform that has been causing a sensation recently, it is a social network in general terms, some believe that because it is a social network, it is possibly not exempt from complying with some regulations, which leads to the suspension, therefore it is ideal to know how to recover a suspended account.

Why is it possible that our TikTok account could be suspended?

Normally all platforms have their laws and regulations, these must be complied with since some people usually supply false data and thereby violate protection, therefore the service has considered some general rules to ensure that the regulations on the use of the platform under current laws, where the rest and a healthy environment are fundamental aspects to develop.

Some people when they register simply do not have to read the agreements and conditions of the platform and these lead to the elimination of accounts so before making any deal it is necessary to read each step. In this sense, knowing how to recover a suspended account requires being aware that we have committed a fault, of course some exceptional cases dream of being given by other failure, because in very few cases they suspend it without having done anything wrong but this amounts to a low percentage.

Normally knowing how to recover a suspended account is a process that we must fully clarify, because it is necessary to have arguments to defend ourselves, because sometimes they are suspended by mistake and that is not something that cannot happen, but if this is the case with the account of TikTok then we explain how to achieve it.
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How to recover a suspended account in TikTok?

As soon as we realize that the account has been suspended, it is time to make the claim for the return, but this must be done in a responsible way, counting that we have not committed infractions, this is simple, you just need to send an email to antispam @ tiktok .com and proceed to discuss the issue with the account.

It is necessary to take into account that knowing how to recover a suspended account leads us to follow some requirements such as explaining in detail what has happened, justifying the reasons why it is suspended as long as they are not intentional failures, narrating what is relevant within of the parameters, provided that you have not violated any TikTok rule.

The TikTok team is made up of people and automatic systems, so they will not hesitate to review your case, check it and unlock the account if they manage that it was a mistake and your story is clean, it really is not that complicated, now if you managed to commit the slightest failure unfortunately we have to tell you that you are not going to get any favorable response and it can serve as a lesson for future accounts on social networks.

 In this sense, knowing how to recover a suspended account allows us to be aware of what we do on social networks, with legality and respect as the flag TikTok describes, and this is simply positive.

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