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The Witcher 3: Where to Find the Best Skellige Gwent Cards on Switch

2019-10-15 13:10:58

If you play The Witcher 3, in this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about where to get the best Skellige Gwent Cards.

In The Witcher 3 there are many types of cards that you should get on your way, thinking about it, we have designed this guide to help you, we hope you can get all the cards, Skellige Gwent Cards more easily.

How to get the best SkelligeGwent cards in The Witcher 3?

A better way for you to start building your Skellige Gwent deck in The Witcher 3 is to go to the Pheasantry Inn located in Beauclair, when you get to this place you have to talk to Count Monnier, after you talk to him you could start a mission called A Todo Gira, Gira. If it's a tournament you have to register but you still don't participate just register, after you talk to the Count he will give you a set of cards for you to have the option to start.

Once you strengthen the deck of Skellige Gwent Cards, you can immediately have another mission available with the name Gwent: NeverFear, Skellige's Here, undertake the search in order to mark your map with merchants everywhere, there will be several challenges to face and defeat in a round of Gwent, you will get as rewards a new group of cards.

Where to get King Bran Gwent Card in TheWitcher 3?

You can win this card if you defeat Ducal Camerlengo in a round in The Witcher 3, this character you can get in the knight's inactive square in Beauclair, we can tell you that the King Bran card is useful for the Skellige faction. Once you start assembling your Skellige Deck you will also receive Crac han Craite as a reward. The most important thing about having the ability of King Branes because it will cause units that are deteriorated by time not fence lose more than half their power.

How to get Cerys an Craite Gwenten The Witcher 3 cards?

This type of card can be obtained by defeating the innkeeper of the Barrel and Bung Inn in Flovive, Cerys is one of the most important cards of the entire deck of Skellige Gwent Cards, you will have in your hands the power of a hero of strength ten, with this power can summon a Shield maiden when you are in combat, is a very important skill that you must have in your collection of cards Skellige Gwent Cards.

Where to find Ermion Gwent's card in TheWitcher 3?

This other card will be available in the location won once you get to defeat the innkeeper in the Scarlett CardinalInn in Francollarts, this card can give you the ability known as Mardroeme, this ability can transform any of the cards into Osospoderosos by placing them in my row, will be a card with the power of hero8 making it a card extremely valuable in The Witcher 3.

Where to find the Draig Bon-Dhu Gwenten The Witcher 3 Card?

This card you are going to get after quelogres defeat the innkeeper Draig Bon-Dhu of Pheasantry Inn in Beauclair, is not a very strong character, but to get the card you will have a very interesting ability known as the Cuernodel Commander, this ability will make the strength of all cards in one row double. So don't wait any longer to have it on the Skellige Gwent Cards Mazode.

How to get the Kambi Gwent Card in TheWitcher 3?

This card is located in the Embassy of Nilfgaard in Beauclair of The Witcher 3, you can get it once you defeat the Gunsmith, this is a card that has the ability of Summon Avenger, this card upon death is summoned another card of much more powerful unit that will be available in battle, so we recommend you to use it as soon as possible so you can opt for the next card.

How to get the Olaf the Bear Gwent Card in The Witcher 3?

This last card available to you until now is also in won, so that you can receive it you have to rotate to the innkeeper, this is in the cellar Adder and Jewels Winery in Beauclair, this card Olaf Skellige Gwent Cards, has twelve units of strength making it a very powerful card, his ability is Morale Boost, with this ability you can increase the power of all the cards in the same row.

This is all we can offer until now in The Witcher 3, we hope our guide has been very helpful, you know where to get the cards for your deck of cards Skellige Gwent Cards, remember the ability of each of them to increase the power in the row you want.

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